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B2C freelance writer who specializes in writing well sourced long-form content for Gaming, Business and Education.

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Professional Background

I have been working as a Freelance Writer for over 8 years writing blog and article content.

I have published written content for multiple companies inclusive of using SEO ranking with Rank Math. This is by having extensive context lists of Positive and Negative lexicon keywords in WordPress for high ranking Headlines and article Descriptions. I have also used Ahrefs for tracking of organic keywords for each website.

In 2020 I took an IQ Test at the High-IQ Society the Mensa Institute in the UK revealing that I had an IQ of 131 which is within the top 3% of the world's population. This IQ test was in mental creativity, rapid thinking, problem solving and entrepreneurial ability called fluid and crystallized intelligence.

This is an indicator of being able to provide great adeptness and creativity in my writing ability for interested companies. For more information on this subject please checkout this page.

Researching Ability

As a freelance writer I excel in areas of technical article research.

I have a personal subscription to Proquest, Sage and Wiley journal databases. Through these databases as well as Google Scholar I am able to find very detailed journal research to cover specific topics.

I aim to provide detailed and well sourced article content for my clients.

Industry Education

I completed an Associate Diploma of Journalism in 2010 from Macleay College (university level) in Sydney. This was a course meant to give students a wide variety of understanding of the journalism industry for the new era from professionals. The course involved delving into traditional mediums such as Print, Radio and Television. Though it also delved into freelance VJ (Video Journalism), Photojournalism, Sub-Editing, Media Law and Public Relations which are also a part of the journalism industry. Print media units were; Print Editing and Production, News Research and the Internet, Feature Writing, Computer Layout and Design, News Reporting and Media Presentation.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Culture and Communication in 2019, studying part-time via distance from Southern Cross University in Australia. Majoring in Culture and Communication. Completing units such as Written Communication, Online Media Design, The Big Picture: Global Media, Critical Thinking for Digital Times, From the Bard to Bart: Media and Popular Culture, and The Nature of Narrative: Self, Time, Place and the Environment. These units helped further my understanding of the journalism industry.

Gaming and Technology

I have been gaming on console since 1995 with Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) at 6 years old. Then later moved onto Nintendo devices and building multiple personal gaming rigs.

I play a variety of both indie and AAA titles focusing on engaging gameplay as my draw for personal game choices. I have special personal interest in weaponry variation and enjoy a lot of player agency.

I enjoy writing how-to / guide content for titles and feature articles looking indepth into certain aspects of gaming. Some named examples can be commerce in mmorpgs (Auction House and trading culture), psychology of players, aesthetics as end-game (Digital Extreme's FTP model) and player retention success and fail stories (whether players are "Diablostyle" in retention with expansions or patch cycles, alternatively daily login users or one time buyers).

Siren Watcher 1995 Sega Mega Drive @ Sanctuary Point NSW Australia

Education Niche

For 2 years I worked at DMM Eikaiwa developing a 4.8/5 star rating from 2100+ reviews as a cross-cultural education provider. This experience and prior job roles has given me a window into common issues students have in education and how to appropriately provide content for individual paying consumers. Two examples coud be in what students expect from teachers and what issues students have with balancing education with employment.

I am currently completing a Masters of Education casually via distance from the University of Wollongong in Australia. My niche speciality is in online education and ESL / English Learning.


I understand indepth business culture and am an avid consumer of cryptocurrency information with emphasis on bitcoin. Facets such as ecommerce, dropshipping, website hosting, revolving doors, client retention, fiat, legal personality, copyright, public confidence and CSR. I have special interest in startup culture which is commonly seen in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen and Bangalore.



Siren has been a great asset to the team for over six years. Writing great articles which were integral to our steady growth. Her most recent tasks included managing our Pinterest page.
Siren Watcher was a brief asset to our team in 2020, providing some great articles whilst working for our English Speaking website.

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