Convo about RP

Wyrmrest Accord [PST Horde], is probably my best bet for RP, as aus dinner time = midnite for server time. I’d maybe manage the night events then.

I kind of decided Moonguard [CST Alliance] would be the only place I’d roll Alliance -.-. Cause has ERP value, rofl… It would be fine weekends during server-time-midday :).

Current RP/RP-PVP realm time zones:

My Time=US Server Time

EST: 3pm=midnight, 9pm=6am, 3am=midday, 7am=4pm

PST: 3pm=9pm, 9pm=3am, 3am=9am, 7am=1pm

CST: 3pm=10pm, 9pm=4am, 3am=10am, 7am=2pm

MST: 3pm=10pm, 9am=4am, 3am=10am, 7am=2pm

My Time=EU Server Time

CET: 3pm=5am, 9pm=11am, 3am=5pm, 7am=9pm

So relatively, I’m fucked.

In my time, 9pm-3am are my peak online times but of course ranging from 3pm to 7am… 7am = bedtime :D, sun up = me sleepy.

Hmmm… *ponders*… I really want to RP in my early hours of the morning, between 1-5am i guess. Which ends up being afternoon in EU server time, or late morning US server time.

But getting on at 3pm for an event is fine or whatever, so I included that. And 7am because I can stay up later into the day and roll around my sleeping patterns for the one-off-events too :). I dont quite know how useful I would be for raiding at 7am though XD.

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Found an OC answer: here. After looking at the member count of Aman’Thul’s RP guild… and a warlock telling me I had the “wrong number” after doing /who and asking when the Officers were usually online -.- /sigh. I really don’t want to go back to Aman’Thul though, my goblin-money-mind doesn’t approve of small realms + plus their alliance.