What are they?

They are little icons to express a moment of emotion in chat.

Where can you use them?

Browsers (Firefox, Opera, etc) [links below].

TChat for Twitch (Android) [Website]

Why to get them?

Obviously you can still enjoy a stream without them. Though sometimes it can give a little more excitement to use a picture, and you may feel a form of community connection being able to show the same image as someone else. A wall of POGGERS, as an example. Or being able to say FeelsBirthdayMan, alongside a happy birthday message can feel nice.

Better Twitch TV (BTTV)

How to download:

Better Twitch TV Browser Addon

BTTV Emotes in Sirenwatcher’s Channel:




How to enable them in your own stream:

  • Go to website > https://manage.betterttv.net/
  • Connect Twitch.
  • Click My Emotes at top.
  • Click + Add, in Shared Emotes.
  • Pick one you like.
    • Or type in a search idea at the bottom (example, Clap).
  • Bottom right, click Use in my Channel.
  • Click My Emotes at top, repeat proccess.
  • You can also upload your own channel custom emotes, which is great if you are a smaller channel. These are public, so once you have uploaded anyone can use (though I believe you can take them down later if you request).

FrankerFaceZ (FFZ)

How to download:

FrankerFaceZ Browser Addon

FFZ Emotes in Sirenwatcher’s Channel:


x  vineLore

Full List

How to enable them in your own stream:

  • Go to website https://www.frankerfacez.com/
  • Link to Twitch.
  • Click Emotes at top, Public Library.
    • On right hand side you can change how they appear (my favourite is Usage Count, Descending)
  • Click one you like.
  • Click Add to My Channel.
  • Top bar click My Channel.
  • Yu can now see all your emotes on your channel. You can share that html also.