Games Played

Games Played

This page is still being updated.

So these are just the ones I actually have strong memories of playing.

There was other games I picked up, but only faintly remember playing a few times, and so they are not included.


Sonic the Hedgehog / Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

 Altered Beast

Ecco the Dolphin

Shinobi / Columns

I used to play a lot of Columns.

I think, because Golden Axe was on here, we got it as a bigger game later on.

I played some Shinobi, but I just remember my brother preferring to play with my mum :/.

Golden Axe

Pretty sure, in this I used to play the Dwarf.

Dunno why but I super remember him…

Lion King

I remember playing this pretty well actually.

There was this level, that you had to crawl through the spikes, and it was like dark.

It is the part in the movie, before the “he lives in you part” where he is bounding through the spikes, Simba.

That level, was amazeballs, it was really hard and I liked it :).

Jewel Master

I dunno why I remember this game either. But for some reason I do.

Like Gunster Heroes, I remember watching my brother and his mates play and I didnt play it as much. But I remember this game, for some reason.

Mr. Nuts

Lmao, this game was pretty swag. Tbh, I think i wasn’t phased by Conkers because I had played this a lot.


Sega Mega-Drive

Mortal Kombat

Nintendo 64

Super Smash Brothers

I played as Kirby > cause Kirby never dies. You could smash me off, as long as it wasnt KO man i could magic-puff myself with skill all the way back and get that cheer noise like a god. Lmao.

I loved to rock down on peoples faces :3.

I also played as Pikachi, cause that zippy dart thing always the saving grace. Lmao. But his little bolts move along the ground like the jumping bolts, was why I preferred Kirby, as my no 1.

Mario Kart

I remember this was my game. I did love it. I used to play as Yoshi :D, cause he was dinosaur, ofc.

Or Toad. Cause Toad is small, and I’m small and I think he’s cool.

But I traded it with my brother for the game below, lmao.

Yoshi’s Story

I used to LOVE getting the shy guys. Lmao. And making em be my friends. The black one was my favourite. I used to get so excited when I found one.

I loved the sniffing. I still sometimes think of kirby stiffing when I smell stuff or hear the word smell or sniff. Like, i do the “woo woo” in my head like when i have found a smell. Lmao.

Mario Party

We used to play this when friends came over :).

I used to play as Toad. I liked toad, he was small :), and I’m small XD.

Pokemon Snap

This game, was amazeballs.

I just remember this scene, where you’re going along in the water, and were taking pictures near a waterfall, and there was a cave you went through. Lmao.

Was many kawaii.

Pokemon Stadium

Cause ofc, I had an avid pokemon collection and stuff, so I loved this game.

Putting my pokemon in and playing XD, kek.

Gameboy Color

Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Silver


Sonic Adventure


Mary King’s Riding Star

Jazz Jackrabbit


Age of Empires [I, I Expansion, II, II Expansion]

World of Warcraft


Pokemon Black 2 / Pokemon Y / Omega Ruby

Pokemon Moon

Arcade Games

Time Crisis


So most of my “gaming life” occured around the age of 6-10.

Where I played A LOT of sega and nintendo 64 with my younger brother and mother.

I remember quite a few fond memories of “blowing the cartridge” and etc.

We had a huge collection of games by the time I got to high school and we loved those consoles.

When I was in primary school, I used to sneak into out of bounds areas to play pokemon with people :P.

Something happened around the time I got to high school though.

My brother had expressed to me that he had superseded me in skill and that he didn’t want to play with me anymore. At the time i was like /cry.

It was years later that I stopped but it was around the time my brother played a lot of Shinobi with my mum, and so I felt a bit left out.

But I think a lot of it was that I was changing too, high school, and I got heavily into writing.

So I found other things to do. Slowly phasing out gaming after a few years totally.

There are a few examples in culture. Like people have looked into why western women stopped gaming in the 90s, and some of it was more to do with advertising. You can watch a few videos on it here and here :).

The last game I purchased around that age was Age of Empires. I fucking loved Age of Empires II, was much fun.

Besides Gamecube; when gamecube came out, we got it, staying true to the nintendo hype.

I really loved sonic, cause omfg :3 I love shadow. Still to this day if you put a picture of shadow in front of me i will swoon :D. T’mog black n red hype XD.

I would fucking skateboard (well… its not really skateboarding, but you feel me), I would “board” on Shadow for hours, and level up my little pets in the fucking different rooms. Fuck that game was epic. I lost all respect for sonic games that did not include Shadow in them XD, rofl, except for Doctor Robotnik’s Bean Machine. Until that game, didn’t even realise the franchise had any other characters in them besides sonic and tails because the original sega games didn’t include them. I did enjoy knuckles and rouge as well, but… eh… Shadow was my boy XD.

I didn’t mind rouge because she had the same name as rogue from xmen. And xmen is about the only comic series I really know indepthly… hmmm… there was a phat book in my library that me and a mate would read up and I would learn all their different abilities. Of course we had a video or two of old school xmen cartoons as well. Specifically i recall we had the episode with jubilee and gambit. Gambit saying “pretty” is one of the sexiest male things XD, majorly because he made the word a Title I guess, like it was a name rather than an adjective. Which made me swoon, of course, the fact that he had cards and a long jacket was the reason i liked him. I have actually grown to like the character of rouge more in my adulthood, because of the fact that her abilities and backstory revolves around her with men. Whereas, say in my teens, i enjoyed a lot of adult swim, and I feel totally in love with nightcrawler 🙂 < he baller. The episode I’m referring to that I had on video is here.

So… also… Arcade games. Time Zone, is an arcade gaming franchise in Australia, and there used to be one at our local shopping centre when I was at high school. I must have been about 14, because one of the “crew” out of the four of us, ended up moving not long after this. But yeah. So, there was a group of four of us, two guys, two girls. And we used to chill. There was more of the group, but we were the close knit four. So, our local gaming arcade, Time Zone, had this special on in the holidays when we were young. From 6am – 12am, it was a flat rate of like $10 or something, to all the games you wanted in the arcade, for six hours straight. It was fucking awesome. And we would do it XD. Rofl, one of the boys lived pretty close to the shops. And the other girl lived close too. So we would all stay at each others houses, and rock up at 6am to play. My memory is feint on most games besides the fucking hit the crocodile game that I liked, and the basketball game that my female mate was epic at, we both did basketball as our sport in school too. She did it as an out of school sport too though. But besides that, and of course the racing car games. Time Crisis, was our game of purpose XD. Rofl. There was another game too, I remember. Like Time Crisis but we shot the walking dead instead. I always wanted the big-ass red shotgun. I loved it heaps. They would get blue pistols, and I’d zip in and get the big-ass shotgun and be happy as fuck XD. Rofl. Was the first, and probably the only shooter I have ever played really. But i loved it.

A mate did try and explain Halo to me years later at a party, but, I didnt really get the aim. As I didnt really know the difference between an fps and an adventure game. I was trying to just “go up in levels”, but in halo you just walk around, and im thinking to myself like > “dude… where the checkpoint to the next level yo?” Thinking I was failing to get out of the starting area and feeling like a moron not being able to clear the level XD. Rofl rofl, to gave back the controller and went back to whatever I was doing XD.

I am a PC kinda girl though, consoles are okay, but I upkeep my computer already, giving it an extra boost ads to my quality of life stuff outside of gaming as well. Whereas a console has only gaming restrictions < besides of course as a dvd player or an internet use. But yeah, I just cant sit and write a 30,000 word story on it for lols in front of a tv and call that the same quality of life you know ;). Unless you rock out a nintendo, then I’m all up in that shit XD :P.

See, whilst my brother later decided he would buy every console ever made. So there was playstations and xboxes laying around, I never really loved them the same way as the nintendo franchise. So these days, playstation and xbox proliferate the market, and gamecube tanked right? Was the last I heard. And so, I don’t have any loyalty to those two brands. *googles*, oh… rite… the “wii” < who the fuck calls a console that? The wii? No… just no… :). Wee = pee O.o, which may be fine, I get its meant to represent the “i” in gaming. Like “I” like this console. But no… I just never got into their marketing strategy. Not that there is any problem with it, in terms of, I have a mate who plays wii fit stuff on it, and I think thats baller. But, its not really centered around ‘gaming’ itself, its centered around things like wii fit and tennis and stuff :P. But I was out of gaming by then anyway. Into boys n shit and writing.

Fond memories:

  • Worms cute mofo slogans when shot [Worms].
  • Collecting my little Chao’ and playing with them in their Heaven/Hell/Earth zones 🙂 [Sonic Adventure].
  • Brushing my horse in Riding Star, and watching how the hair was brushed off and had a different colour underneath to show you had brushed it XD [Mary King’s Riding Star].
  • My brother having Diablo, and it taking up HALF our 3GB computer XD.
  • Laying on the floor playing with a computer thats colour was black and green on the screen, and had larger square floppy disks.
  • Collecting colours of floppy disks.
  • Having a multiple colour keyed old school grey keyboard.
  • Buying my first stick of 512mb RAM in Parramatta and crossing the road with my uncle and brother after buying it and being happy :).
  • Swinging on my chair writing stories for like 6 hours everyday after school for years.
  • Fucking LOVING shadow [Sonic Adventure].
  • Being impressed over the 3D graphics [Pokemon Y].
  • Having an extra expansion pack you had to put into the back of your controller to play [Pokemon Stadium].
  • Being good at Mario Kart and then trading my brother for Yoshi’s Story, because I really liked that there was black Shy Guys. Black being my favourite colour along with red [Yoshi’s Story & Mario Kart].
  • Having people over to our house, and often playing Smash Bros. I remember being epic at Kirby and Pikachu. Kirby #neverdie. That breathe mouth stuff = forever awesome. Someone kicked me far away? I just forever managed to get back with air. So awesome. Pikachu the same kinda, with its zip movement 😀 [Smash Bros].
  • Getting a Sega Mega-Drive, getting it installed on the side of the Sega. Having it look baller. Getting a few games with it. One was Mortal Kombat, which was awesome for me and my brother. The other two games i remember, i think was a snowboarding game that wasn’t really our taste. We preferred fighting games and adventure games rather than sports games. And then there was this other game. I don’t remember what it was called. But it had a lot of doors in a lot of rooms. And it was too scary. Rofl. I just remember that. We tried playing it once or twice. And it scared the shit out of us. It was a “jump out at you game” rofl. So we ended up playing a fuckload of mortal kombat instead. KO-motherfuckers.
  • Ecco the Dolphin = epic af.
  • Shinobi = mum loved this game, rofl.
  • Altered Beast =  worgen, nice. Werewolf love ;).
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine = best game ever mofos. Like seriously, up until the age of about 16 I was playing this at our grandparents holiday house. It was an epic game. Its tetris, but sonic-style. With blobs n shit, kawaii af.
  • Pokemon Blue & Pokemon Silver = I remember sneaking into an out of bounds area to trade and play pokemon with friends at primary school. The pokemon series really changed and affected my childhood a lot. I really really loved the games.
    • A list of some of my favourite pokemon from the two series were Rapidash, Pidgeotto [yea the second evolution, I believe it had longer hair or etc], Nidoking, Ninetales, Arcanine, Dewgong, Gyarados, Rhydon, Ditto, Jolteon, Houndoom and Charmeleon [he was darker red, and looked punk af. I even remember where I was when my charmander first evolved. I was all :-O. I was at my cousins house, standing in my cousins room and being all :3]. Other notable ones were Haunter, Cubone, Sandshrew, Scyther, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Flaaffy, Noctowl, Entei, Raikou.
    • My favourite pokemon of all time is Umbreon. I have a little one in my room. I never got it in Silver, but of course have it now :).
    • Favourite types are; Fire, Dark, Flying, Ground and Electric.
    • Good memories: pretending to be dewgong and gyradose in my pool XD. Also ofc, doing kamehameha’s in my pool. I was of that generation of kids who would get up before school and watch dbz :). I didn’t get past the cell saga though. My brother powered through to buu. I never watched dragonball, but I saw pretty much all of dbz, the time I was really into it was in the Trunks/Gohan era. But I seriously formed a devotion to it around the time of Piccolo training Gohan < both of whom are my favourite characters to this day. Also vegeta < he = asswhole + v at the top of our hair line = like me XD.


So currently, I have been playing World of Warcraft since about Patch 6.1. 11 years of content for me to do over 2 years prior to legion? Wins ;). I have nearly all classes capped and at least 650 geared ready for Legion. I have collected all wild pets [i think im at about 550/700ish). My first real achieve in game was the Explorer title. I have nearly 150 mounts. I stared and played as Alliance for the first 5-6 monthish because my recruit-a-friend was alliance. I changed from the low pop server I started on with my three capped Alliance toons. To change to Horde, and the medium-pop two realm servers Caelestrasz & Nagrand. They are the biggest PVE oceanic servers. The high pop realm in oceanic is PVP, and so I have one toon there :).

My first toon, i levelled without looms, only questing. So whilst I am not an older player, I did have a really “old school” kind of beginning experience. My internet had issues, and so if i entered into a group for a dungeon, it would throw me off. Rofl. So I quested. As a Nelf Druid. I learnt a lot. I leveled all my professions before I got to draenor. I made a stand and never accepted anything from anyone else [inclusion, i believe someone did give me the gold for super fast flying money. After a lengthy debate about how they had fucking oodles of gold, and how my money in comparison to theres just made the 4k look silly to not take, but i ended up donating that back to different guild member about six months later so I felt I returned what had been given in kind]. Besides that, i have never taken anything from anyone, because im an arsewhole. And even though I have live free tattooed on my back, I fully understand the diversification of what free means. I’ve had plenty of girl mates irl who in the past, i have watched abuse guys for phone credit, drinks, etc. And i just, have never indulged into that stuff because I understand the trading system. When a guy buys a girl a drink, you are trading him your time for the drink. Hence why women who take the drink and walk away are labeled bad names, because there is a trading system being performed to which the women are abusing. So… irl or in-game is no different. If a man gives me something, i understand that they are trading something to me, because I am female. If i was male, they probably wouldnt be offering me the same thing because there is less trading aspect between men. So, i dont take things that I have nothing to trade back. Like… foreplay is a two way street. If a guy buys me a drink, i buy the next round. I’m not a fucking scrub. Also… i think it doesnt teach u shit to just take shit from other people. I want to learn shit, not be a scrub for an eternity just so somebody can pretend to get their dick wet. I actually deleted a chick off real id for trying to force money on me and not taking no for an answer. Ha, lost that shit over 100g < people are morons -.-. Offering shit is fine, but forcing something on someone that they dont ethically feel is right is wrong, and its not reflective. Ie, if I wouldnt give you 10k, i dont want you to give me 10k. I’m the kind of person who would laugh at your broke ass, and send you to oldbess and studenalbatroz’s channels to learn how to fucking flip gold and tell you to run some fucking old dungeons. Because i think learning is important. I dont think doing something, just because someone else wants you to, is worth it. In the long run, you forget it. Ie, if someone gives me 10k, and then i spend it. I learnt nothing. If some dude, takes me around to see all the cata raids, waits for me outside the raids, and then listens to my stories about how cool i think the places were. That is what i think teaches people. Gives them there own memories, and that forms a bond with you, because you have assisted in the growth of that person. I don’t think that giving shit to someone, without explaining to them the contract. Is worthwhile for them in any way, because you are proclaiming that all people should do that for them. And then you get a bunch of scrubs, because those chicks, teach other chicks, and teach other guys, what the game is meant to be like… and you want awesome people who make your game grand, not leechy :). I’m not saying its wrong to be baller and be a good mate, as in my instance with my mate lending me 4k for flying. But im saying that you cannot wife-all-the-girls! < so don’t treat them all like that :). Not all women are top rank for you. So don’t give away ur trading mechanism, honor it :). Trade what you want to trade, not just what the girls want in that second of time :). *rants into the distance like person-made-from-a-volcano*.

When i first picked up WoW, i had never played an MMO before. I dont even think anything above besides Age of Empires is an RPG. Rofl. I did engage in a little mmorpgs as a young teenager. But so yea, i was going into WoW cold turkey. Hehehe. I learnt how to keybind early because I played on a laptop with a touchpad. So as soon as i realised what the keybinding option was in the menu was, i was happy af :P. I took, and still take, a mega-fuckload of screenshots. Thousands saved for me to edit, and upload. Rofl. I love photography :). Got a distinction for it in my journo course ;). I, for about six months, would upload them to facebook. I think i uploaded about 300-500 before I got off facebook again :). Quite a few people were like, wow ftw :P. I be like XD.

Noteable achievements: I got taregosa’s legendary staff, by running normal mode for like 20 weeks when I was undergeared. I loved it, it took me forever and I was so happy to be able to turn into a dragon :). Also, I got my gold proving grounds tank on my main, all the feels when I did :). I got WoD brawler’s achieve too, my hunter sports that title like a boss :D. My main is a Troll Guardian Druid, my main alt is an Orc Survival Hunter. I have 3 tanks, 3 healers and 6 dps. And i have an entire list of them here > world of warcraft.

Thanks for reading peepz :).