Half-Life: Opposing Force

Half-Life Opposing Force, Siren Watcher, sirenwatcher, Gaming Playthrough

https://store.steampowered.com/app/50/HalfLife_Opposing_Force/ (1999)

Playtime: 08:27:22

Part 1

Play date: 2019-01-07

Purchase date: 2017-07-05

Length: 01:35:22

Part 2

Play date: 2019-01-08

Purchase date: 2017-07-05

Length: 03:35:22

Part 3

VoD is lost. I accidently deleted it from Twitch, in making highlights I accidently deleted the main file.

Twitch support informed me they don’t keep any server backups. Which of course makes the company look rediculous. I can’t think of any website host that would do that. They would get sued obviously. I guess Twitch thinks games arn’t important? Or general streamers don’t matter? Either way.. This was a turning point in seeing Twitch as a “stable” platform for me.

Obviously it was my error in deleting it. Obviously also my error in choosing a platform that fails to adhere to… well lets be fair here. The average turnaround for support is also like 3 weeks. So, the company itself isn’t what I’d call fantastic for most of the people streaming on the platform.

Play date: 2019-01-09

Purchase date: 2017-07-05

Length: 03:16:38