Kavat Build

Species: Kavat

Breed: Smeeta

Forma: 7 (8)



Charm (gives extra loot buff)

Tek Enhance (extends buffs)

Fetch (grabs drops)

Primed Animal Instinct (shows enemies and loot drops on map)


Bite (kavats have high crit by default, so stacks)

Maul (increases dps)

Hunter Synergy (gives more crit, from the warframe)


Medi-Pet Kit (longer bleedout to get to it for rez)

Hunter Recovery (pets dps heals you)

Link Health (shares warframes BASE health)

Spell Cast Order:

Make sure you set up Charm in the first slot on the left, because it will then proc first.


Bred Appearance:

Sex: Female

Name: Sabelzahn

Ears: Fennec

Tail: Leaf

Energy Colour: Yellow Eyes.

I bred this cat for those specific features :). I think is attractive, the little ears being cute, alongside wanting a yellow shade of eye colour. This also is the colour it turns when in stealth.

Purchased Appearance (from the Market):

Nesyr Fur Pattern is Platinum64‍55 from the Market.

Mesa Yellow is a part of the Kavat Gene Masking Kit for Credits64‍160,000.

Blood Red is a part of the Hyekka Kavat Fur Pattern for Platinum64‍55 platinum.

Valkyr Brown is a part of the Telmatian Fur Pattern (Kubrow) for Platinum64‍50 platinum.