Mecha Overdrive [Kubrow Set Mods]

How build works:

Nagantaka, which has base status of 39%, paired to Kubrow, makes the Kubrow have 34% status. The Daikyu and Mutalist Cernos, and other high status effect weapons also work fine.

If you kill a mob with a shot = kills everything within 30m (with all four set mods) extremely quickly. If the slash from the Naga’ kills the target instead (takes about 10 ticks instead on the same level mobs).

The mobs in the gif are level 130. The kubrows marked target was the only thing killed (to kill all 8 Arid Lancers). The Kubrow has viral damage (frost jaw + venom teeth) but I don’t think this applies as the Kubrow did not attack any targets to apply its status affects. I believe it goes off the status affect of the Primary weapon itself, even though the tooltip of the Mod says otherwise. It states, “their status effect” which I took to mean the Kubrows. I think this is poor phrasing and I believe it is the player’s Primary weapons status affect.


In the Gif the Nagantaka is not potato’d, it has in it Serration, Point Strike, Bladed Rounds, and an unleveled Eagle Eye.

Oberon has on the two Mecha set mods (which makes the Kubrow mark the targets faster and makes the target spread better). Originally I tried it on Oberon because he innately has Radiation damage to his 2 which is a dot, but this didn’t really work how I thought it may.

The kubrow with only 2 mods in it, the Mecha set mods. The gif worked exactly the same. Though the following is specifically what it had in the gif:

The Kubrow has 7 forma, and would work with any dog breed (though this specifically is a Sahasa); Dig and Ferocity (sahasa mods), Frost Jaw and Venom Teeth (raises status affect slightly, can be switched around depending on target faction, in this case it applies Viral status affect of 1459), Mecha Overdrive and Mecha Recharge, 9/10 Maul (for damage, raises slash to 1216), Fetch (utility), 9/10 Link Health (for health), and Primed Animal Instinct (utility). For a full dps build, I would switch out Primed Animal Instinct or Fetch, for Bite (crit).

Video with me talking about it:




Other gifs:

Level 100 Arid Heavy Gunners.

Level 130 Arid Lancers dying from slash damage [I believe the slash stacks, if you kill the next marked target also].

Oberon’s radiation DoT not spreading with Mecha Overdrive.

In ‘the heat of combat’ sometimes the dog will mark more than one target.