Bolstering [AOE]

Enemy death buffs other enemies [30yrds], +20% health +20% dmg, stacks, immune to CC, can stun. Dps down evenly, kill priority target. Adds in boss encounter fine, keep pre-trash 30yrds from boss.


Debuff to struck player, reduce healing by 3%/stack + stacking damage [9sec], duration refreshed per stack. Remove leave combat, non-tank taunt allow debuff to remove.


At random times debuff upon expiry, inflict dmg and interrupts + nearby allies, spread when Quake.

Raging [ST]

Enemies Enrage at 30% health, +100% dmg. Mark priority, focus and CC at enrage.


Non-boss enemy makes pool, heals enemies 5%/s and dmg players 15%/s. Ticks for instant dmg, kite mobs from pools.


Tank threat, mark priority target and dps avoid non-priorty targets [or Misdirection/Tricks of the Trade].


Enemy Forces increase, extra mobs spawn, not every pack is affected though most dangerous ones are.

Explosive [ST]

In combat enemies spawn Fel Explosives within 3yrds, kill or detonate deals damage, have a small HP, are immune to AoE.


Player falls below 90%, debuff is applied and stacks every couple of seconds [to 5], until player is full health, DPS try avoid damage.


Kill enemies singularly as possible, kill gives players debuff [Cloak of Shadows/Ice Block remove all stacks].


Players stand near mobs/boss or gas on floor spawns, make sure every mob has player close. Gas erupts after 2sec, 50% of players health within 2yrds of gas. On ST, occurs every 10 seconds.



Trash has +20% health +30% damage +normal, Mythic +10 trash has 140% health 180% damage. Interrupts and trash mechanics important, trash can one-shot.


Bosses have +40% health and +15% damage + normal, Mythic +10 boss has 180% health 140% damage. Is a gear check, some bosses have percent-based damage modifiers during encounter.

The Arcway
slimes: poison dispel
slimes: give a debuff “consume” stay away from mob if focused
Kill the Acidic Bile first
rats: disease dispel
rats: tank use defensives if stacks get high
rats: stun to prevent debuff stacking
demons: strong aoe heals
demons: avoid optic blast
Fiends: caster n healers 8 yards away
Fiends: unstable flux purged
Fiends: arcanic bane = increased damage 30 secs
Wraiths: interrupt siphon essence
Wraiths: dispel siphon essence debuff
Wraiths: rift under tank = move
Spirits: interrupt torment or avoid as stacks (60yrds)
Reclaimers: priority
Reclaimers: move enemies from dome bubble
Reclaimers: interrupt eye of the vortex
Spellswords: move behind barrier, stun or knockback
Spellswords: burst heal if Nether Wound multi apply on tank
Corstilax: avoid Suppression Protocol projectiles
Corstilax: click on crystal to free people
Corstilax: move away from Orb
Corstilax: Nightwell Energy ppols give haste
Corstilax: avoid Exterminate = 15 yards [after Cleansing Force]
Priority: Seer > Eredar > Wrathguard.
Wrathguard: avoid Fel pools
Wrathguard: healers focus on players with Searing Wound dot (10sec)
Eredar: interrupt/dispel enemy Brand of the Legion
Eredar: interrupt Portal: Argus
Eredar: interrupt/spellsteal Demonic Ascension [will rez eredar]
Eredar Rez = Dog: Avoid cone, tank against wall
Eredar Rez = Guard: Avoid pools
Eredar Rez = interrupt/spellsteal Demonic Ascension [will re-rez eredar]
Felguard: Mortal Strike [5sec] tank reduce heaing
Felguard: Avoid Shattering Stomp knockback
Wyrmtongue: can be avoided, though easily pulled
Wyrmtongue: Aoe stun/cc Shivarra: felstorm avoid (3yrds)
Shivarra: stun instead of interrupt
Seer: strong aoe heals
Seer: avoid optic blast
Xakal: avoid Fel Fissure
Xakal: Wicked Slam avoid knockback into Fel Fissure
Xakal: avoid Shadow Slash line of damage [cast end]
Xakal: avoid purple on floor
Xakal: taunt felbats when they come down [30secs]
Xakal: focus felbats
Anomaly: avoid Arcane Slicer [3yrds]
Anomaly: interrupt/stun Arcane Reconstitution
Anomaly: ranged focus Astral Spark [8yrds]
Warp: heal off Parallel Dimension (or 1min)
Warp: interrupt Phase Breach
Warp: interrupt/stun Arcane Reconstitution
Ivanyr: interrupt Arcane Blast
Ivanyr: avoid Volatile Magic players [6secs/8yrds]
Ivanyr: players use defensives for Volatile Magic
Ivanyr: Nether Link make pool small [5secs], avoid pool
Ivanyr: interrupt Overcharge Mana [ranged]
Ivanyr: avoid Charged Bolt, dps use mitigation
Broodling: death [8yrds] explosion
Manafang: more than one Devour use mitigation
Manafang: cancel devour by doing 30% damage
Nal’tira: focus Manafang ads
Nal’tira: if focused, avoid Blink Strikes cone
Nal’tira: avoid pools, stand next to pool with Nether Venom
Nal’tira: Tangled Web, run from each other [30yrds]
Vandros: avoid shards/pink bubbles [8secs]
Vandros: every 7secs Accelerating Blast [keep below 4 stacks] [15secs] [purge/dispel 1]
Vandros: Force Bomb run toward circle ring
Wraith: kill all Wraith: interrupt Time Lock/ dispel player
Vandros: Unstable Mana pools avoid [8secs], explode 1.5secs [5yrds]