Personal Information

Firstly; its here so I don’t have to repeat look this stuff up. Secondly; its here because its easier to write it once.

Thirdly; I like being forthright with data. Fourthly; I think consumption of data in a private context is healthier. Fifth; … enjoy.


Born; 1988




Between 50-60kgs.

Usually about the middle.

Women’s Clothing Size

8-10 US/Canada, 10-12 UK, 38-40 Europe, 42-44 Italy, 12-14 AUS, 11-13 Japan

Women’s Shoe Size

5½ US/Canada, 5 UK, Europe 37½, Aus/NZ 5, Japan 23.5, China 39, Korea 241

Ring Sizes [also]

Pinky: 5 Ring: 9 Middle: 10 Index: 9 Thumb: 10

Wrist Size

14cm [Tight]

19cm [Pull over Hand]

Necklace Sizes

33cm [Choker]

58cm [Short]

75cm [Long]


Memory Foam Pillowcase [Bamboo]

Favourite Fabrics:

Satin, Hemp and Bamboo

Skin Tone:


[ie, Yellow undertones]

Video by Girl [2]

Video by Guy

Warm & Cool Red Difference

Real Name

Siren Watcher.

Legally changed it when I was about 22.

Cost me like 1/3rd of a fortnight’s student allowance to change it. Cheap as fuck.

Why I changed it:

1/6: Spiritual stuff:

I kind of decided that if anyone was going to name me, it was going to be me ;).

I did it cause in terms of spiritual stuff, when in tribal culture people “come of age” they name themselves.

I kept it semi-legit, semi-unique, as naming myself Shadow really wouldda fucked some people up XD.

I guess, to explain what I’m trying to present in definition when I speak to someone is;

Someone who is who is “sexually dangerous” and “obsessed with time in observance” ;).

Ie, I “watch”. I like time enough to title myself based upon a word which imbues it, a ‘watch’.

I present myself in a way could equate to a ‘siren’ in terms of presenting a form of danger warning. See 5/6 for word definitions…

2/6: Cause my name was okay, but common:

I had a pretty swag last name, Judge. My first name was, Megan. Middle name was, Louise.

Which doesn’t bother me at all, except; Out of like 7 girls on my street, 5 of them had the middle name Louise. There was five girls in my year at high school who also had the name Megan. My brother also has the initials MJ (Matthew). My father is commonly called Judgey (he gets the original on that in the nuclear kinda family unit, lol). My parents are divorced and as of current, my mother still uses the last name Judge. So its just… overdone if I was going to run around calling myself that:). Also if I get married some dude is gunna steal that from me anyway Kappa.

My family will always call me Megan, and I never expected them to do otherwise. Extended family who were on my social media tease me jokingly at family events by calling me Siren :), it is no big deal.

My mother was not impressed initially though, as she was told by an annual government letter coming to me whilst I was temporarily living back with her. As of course, government letter meant it was an official name change XD. I didn’t think it really was any concern of hers, as she would always call me by my birth name anyway. I would have got to it eventually, slid it in casually, but the letter got me off the hook XD.

Mentally, when I picture the name Megan. I think of a mousy haired girl-next-door British girl. Which is fine. It just wasn’t quite true ;).

3/6: I have high aspirations:

I am not a common person. Therefore felt I should give myself an appropriate title-name.

Not that there is anything wrong with the names Megan, Louise, or Judge. Vibrationally, my mum did a wonderful job in naming me. As I believe in the “voting” of my naming, my mum won out with Megan. But so I allow her to still call me that, as is her right.

But if any person who is not family calls me that, you will get instantly pushed into my “past”. As I naturally associate the title, Megan, as a part of my Past. I am still the same person, *looks at body and fingers typing and smiles*.

It’s kind of like if you hung with a group of people at one point in your life and they called you a nickname. Then you grew up and no longer associated with those people anymore. For someone I meet now, to call me Megan, or if I see old people I had known in the past and they call me Megan. It just places those people in the “memory” box, and does not bring one into the current environment.

Currently, everyone I know besides my family calls me Siren. As does the government, *chuckles*.

4/6: The cred’:

When I am at a pub or event and someone introduces me to someone new. About 50% of guys light up and they do that sly wink smile.

Cause calling yourself Siren, is pretty much like saying in one word, “yo, im a sex addict, whatup”.

5/6: The definition:

Yolo :P.


Commonly used in western culture to define a seductive woman.

Stemming from Greek religion; Sirens were mermaids who lured men to their deaths (Source).

Hence probably why it is also used to define an ‘unable-to-ignore noise’, as siren’s use sound as their danger method (Source).

I felt, with my background and future sights, I felt i could pull off the Title ;).


In common English it means “someone who watches”. Which I do… I’m the girl when you look over, her eyes are already following you /giggle.

Pretty much, if your a religious-history-buff like I am. Watcher means your kind of like a… err… fuck how to explain it to someone who doesn’t know Sumerian culture. “A person who has hierarchy in alien culture. Pretty much… an “angel”. An overseer of human life.” (Source) Whatever the fuck you want to view it as. Hence like in World of Warcraft, “watchers” are linked in the Titans lore (as the makers of humans and dwarfs and gnomes, I believe). Titan Watchers. Commonly titled and its prevalent throughout all culture in that same way. “Gods/Aliens watching culture” ;). Such as its in the first part of the bible and etc. As the bible’s originating text for this genesis watcher story is from Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria :). When the jews got exiled to Babylon when Judah got sached, they borrowed from the Sumerian “seeding of the human race” creation story.

Babylon was the city built on top of Sumeria. Sumeria + Akkadia = Babylon, pretty much :).

So yeah… Watcher for; ultimate international swag mate ;).

6/6: I plan to move overseas:

If I’m going overseas, especially if I end up in a non-english based country, any white name is going to sound foreign.

Ie, in India or China my white-name really isn’t culturally legit, Kappa.

So I could pick any name I wanted pretty much.

Both Siren and Watcher have english definitions and therefore in other countries, I will be able to translate my name into other languages for people :). For them to get a grasp of what “image” of myself I’m trying to present.

Ie, german = Sirene Beobachter.

I have been intending to move overseas for a few years.


Thanks for readying! *waves*.