Short Facts

  • I was born on the second last day of the year.
  • I love the heat.
  • My brother and I are born 2 years 2 months and 16 days apart.
  • My favourite alcohol is black sambucca, jagermeister and… err… lemony things. “Dark or yellow” is probs a good way to look at it.
  • I did horse-riding as my after-school sport for approximately 6 years.
  • I am bisexual. Ie, I fuck based on convenience mostly, and individualised compatibility. Genitals are secondary as I just wanna come, obviously.
  • In 2016, I built my own computer from scratch for the first time. In my youth I only bought individual pieces.
  • My favourite pokemon is Umbreon (then, the pony ones, Rapidash, Zebstrika and Mudsdale).
  • I have 6 tattoos. Prior had 7, but the “white” ink one wore off my finger; it said “wild”.
  • I study Sociology and Anthropology currently at university.
  • I love groups of people and communities. I tend to struggle with one-on-one environments. Somewhat as I fear boredom a lot, somewhat because I’m an intense kind of person.
  • I intend to teach english and travel after my post-graduate degree. I will likely always study though, in some form or another. Benefit to distance education XD.
  • As a youth, I always had massive trouble sleeping. Like sit in my bed for 4 hours at night not able to sleep, kind of trouble. So in my adulthood. I did massive research on sleeping patterns. Figured out stats on the human race, and now have no sleeping issues. This is due to me changing my sleeping hours to be more nocturnal. From the basis of what I understood, 30% of the human race is nocturnal, with 11% of those being severely nocturnal. If you are a nocturnal biorhythm person, and you stay awake during the day, studies show you are likely to get manic depression :(. So, in my adulthood I now go to sleep very quickly, and have absolutely no problems going to sleep.
  • Many industries that work from home or have night facets to their jobs. Say for example, security guards, doctors, graveyard shift employees, customer service, health care professionals, after-hours consultants < such as accountants, bus drivers, taxi drivers, police, ambulance drivers, prison workers, bakers, some of the IT industry such as website designers where changes are done “not-in-peak-hours”, anything with “on call 24/7” aspect to the job, or anything that a large portion of the work can be “done from home” :). *shrugs*, there are tons of jobs. Some jobs nowadays are extremely flexible on their “time you spend at the office” mentality. So its not a big issue for me, its just… making sure I move my career into an industry that i know has more… well… “RNG chance of finding an opportunity vacant with my hours” :P. I worked in a bakery for a few years, starting at 5am – 2pm. I *can* live that lifestyle, I just, know what it does to me now so I try to avoid it. I get up about dusk n go to bed about dawn :).
  • My first degree was in journalism, because my parents told me I had to study something. I loved writing, so journalism was what I went into.
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