Swatch (+ Burrow)

Swatch (+ Burrow)


Reason for Troll as main race:

Tiger cat form, bat flight form, mohawk, elephant tusks, slang and carefree-stoner-culture.

That mix of viscous and wild, alongside being wise and ‘stoners’ ;).

I like the idea of trolls a lot :D.

Also, I am not adverse to the conceptual history of “troll”, as in, chilling out under bridges giving peoples riddles and stuff < that sounds baller.

Also, as in “trolling” < I’m good at pissing people off. Though I generally don’t cause I think its a waste of my time.

But yeah, all concepts of troll are nice.

Tusks = I like elephants; they mourn. Bat form = I like bats, especially the ones that eat fruit and shit, like awesome fucks. Tiger form = awesome colours, and I’m a fan of india; astrologically speaking, they’re the chinese animal for my obsession, in native american its the bat, so yeah, I was like *swoon*. Mohawks = awesome as fuck. Raptors = awesome, I love dinosaurs :).

Reason for Druid as main class:

Transforming, tigers/bears/bats/owls < animal hype, orange.

Reason for Tank as main spec:

I run all specs, but I love Guardian the most. I love protecting people, and “darkspear never die” :D.


Originally, from irl constrictions I chose Alliance. Even though later found out that most people I knew including my brother, a mate and her boyfriend, a bunch of people I had on social media at the time, main horde, rofl.

But the people I originally signed up around, where Alliance, a few female and guy friends at the time. So I was a n’elf druid.

Reading on the pages, it was between Druid, Hunter, Shaman and Rogue. Rogue was out because only-melee, and I didnt really know anything about gaming, so I understood the idea of “druid says it has four things, four = sounds more that I can work out later” kinda thing. I 100% levelled as feral though :P, hehehe.

Shaman, i read they could turn into wolves… i was XD. Then realised my mate at the time was main’ing a shaman and felt odd about choosing the same as him ;). I now know my brother also has main’ed an enh shaman for a long time, so I do approve of them, no qualms, see Loop below ;).

A similar reason i originally chose one nelf over worgen was because a chick who was starting at the same time whom I adored, picked a worgen warlock. So i decided I’d be different and pick a nelf. 100s of screenshots as a nelf btw, so u can watch me fucking around as Ally, rofl. So on the books was fact that worgen and shaman were both things I knew people around me played ;).

I like shamans “shamanic” stuff, like im into the whole… err… occult stuff, irl. So, the whole shaman totem stuff is old irl lore, and I know a lot of it. Similar in relation, I know a lot about the val’kyr and all the norse mythology/ulduar kind of stuff. The egyptian history in uldum, yeah… So the occult, shaman, druid stuff is where I’m kinda at :). Druids and Shamans are very similar in irl lore. Shamans being more of a traditional class in a tribe setting, whereas druid is more like a pagan religious stance. But yeah, I had, a while before, gone to a group talk by a shaman, in a rural town. So it was still fresh in my mind. How much I affiliated with the title of shaman ;).

So I was also looking at Hunter and Druid, and compared animal following you vs becoming animal. And it was XD, druid yea… i like transforming irl. Like i can look like a boy, then look gorgeous kinda thing. I like shifting out of the shadows and into an environment generally unprepared for me < so yeah, also that rogue vibe your feeling yeah, or s-priest i know now, rofl. So, then i came back to either Druid or Shaman, after I worked out Druid v Hunter.

So, ended up on Druid again.

Wolf = awesome. See, it said “cat” under druid and i was like, i dont wanna fucking turn into a pussy-little-cat. Rofl. If it had said “tiger” i would have instantly picked it, rofl.

But it came down to, druids can turn into many animals, shamans one. So I made my choice, even though wolves vs lions or something, i always love wolves irl. In my youth, I researched a lot into wolf culture. I love the hierarchy of a wolf pack and actually made my first website in computer class with my research I believe :). So yeah, always a big wolf girl growing up :).

Glad that it was panthers, tigers, wolves and lions yeah as the options to do with races. But that was the main reason to why troll over tauren, because tiger vs lion. I like tigers ;). And for alliance, I roll worgen over n’elf :).

Happily found out druid’s colour was orange and etc etc. All the little benefits and sync ups to feeling happy with my main class.

Never even though about another class till much later when I was deciding my Draenor upgrade.


I am druid through and through :D.

I have rolled all classes now, and enjoy them all thoroughly.

Swatch will always be my main love.

Soul hype ;)!


See Swatch ???? for tauren tid-bits in there.

But yeah, Burrow is my farmer :D.

But… I will always wonder whether its worth tanking as her, and Swatch as balance.

BUT, I armory stalked some of the top guilds in the world, its not as specific as which should be either. The haste bonus is nice for balance, but, troll druids seem to be considered okay tanks. So thats desperately what I wanted to hear anyway. But so, Burrow shall always be there as my sexy farmer that I travel around with in old content, chillaxin’ and starfallin’ :D.

But as more and more time goes on… I’m pretty sure that I will end up with Swatch as my Balance/Resto druid for Berserking and Burrow for my Tank/Feral.