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If I get that right, you are an Ozzie living in Germany. What’s the story behind this?

Why move at all: I always wanted to travel. As a student I used to move houses all the time. In a way, so I could be traveling whilst not rich enough to travel very far :P. I have a somewhat close knit family (one side of it), and so I tried to stay as…
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What were the most memorable experiences and did you learn something you need to share with others?

Quite a few things happened to me over the 7ish years I was jumping houses… Think I lived in about 25 houses in that window. Every 3-6 months I’d move somewhere else. Another sharehouse in some other suburb… Australia has a website, called Gumtree, which was where I found a lot of my houses. As…
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Where are you from / where do you live?

I am from Sydney, Australia. Specifically; North-West Sydney. I have moved around Australia. The furthest I have lived is about 9 hours out of Sydney in Northern NSW (Lismore / Byron Bay / Nimbin areas) for a few years. I stayed in Queensland for a few weeks and casually drove a van from Mackay down…
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