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EASY Tips to Start PvP & Climb Rating

  1. Play lots
  2. Use voice coms.
  3. Make friends.
  4. Find the right comp.
  5. Choose the right class role for you.
  6. Addons, necessary. Find what works for you.
  7. Macros, necessary.
  8. Keybindings, necessary.
  9. Get as much info as you can.
  10. Avoid toxic players.
  11. Calm yourself.
  12. Make some goals for improving.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth PVP UI & Addon Guide for Arenas/BGs!

  1. Gladius
  2. Omnibar
  3. Nameplate Cooldowns
  4. Details

Other addons:

  1. Battleground Targets
  2. REflex: Arena Historian
  3. GladiatorlosSA
  4. Big Debuffs
  5. Party Ability Bars

Legion Keybindings Tutorial

Legion Arena Addons

  1. Gladius
  2. Omnibar
  3. GladiatorlosSA2
  4. Nameplate Cooldowns
  5. Bartender
  6. Gnosis
  7. Tidyplates
  8. Skada

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Battleground Targets
  2. WeakAuras
  3. DoomPulseCooldown

Legion 7.2.5 | Most Important Macros for Arena

  • Only macro specifically something you will use on enemies. As friendly spells such as a heal, an addon can put on raid frames. Except if you feel something is specifically needed, like a dispel.
  • Specific spells you should keybind are CCs and dps abilities for healers.

Battle for Azeorth | Which Faction & Race Should You Pick??

How To Get Invited to Rated Battleground Groups – World of Warcraft Legion

  • Make friends with leader.
  • Be consistent with your “time online”, so that u get invited to the same groups often.

5 Tips for Arena Beginners – GET THAT GLAD Title bruh!

  • Keybind enemy and friendly arena partners.
  • Addons & Macros.
  • Know your enemies spells.
  • Find the right people to play with.
    • Find them through LFG.
    • Play with people at your level.
    • If they are good, stay with the group. If you feel your stuck and could be pushing higher, move on to a new group.

Want to Start PvP? How to Stop Dying in Arena – Tips on Positioning

  • Don’t LoS the healer, unless for specific reason.
  • Dps stand between friendly healer and enemy dps.
  • As a healer, stand at max range so that the enemy has to take x2 long to get you, + you can see them coming.
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