Beginner Guide Videos

Written starter guide:

Starting questions you may have in the opening sequence:

Pause it, whilst you are doing each part, to stop yourself from spoilers. Is great to use WHILST you have just downloaded the game and are running the sequence. Don’t feel pigeon holed, he is just giving examples and you can do whatever you want.

Full guide:

Parkour guide (hand placement on keyboard discussion):

Tips and questions:

Early weapons you can get:

Later Beginner Questions:

How to make your warframe stronger:

Above but a little further questions:

What “exp” is in Warframe (affinity):

How to get a dog to come with you in missions (can also get cats or robots):

How to farm all the resources in the game:

Just a showing of colour pallets in the game:

Title speaks for itself:

Photo mode:

People talking about different warframes as a summary:

Pretty fucking funny in some parts:

A playlist of other example warframes: