World of Warcraft

Tarren Mill EU [Horde]

Guild: Stark Industries


Swatch Highmountain Tauren Druid [main Tank]

Treat Undead Monk [main Healer]

Filly Pandaren Priest

Woo Orc Mage

Demand Blood Elf Demon Hunter


Boundary Mag’har Orc Shaman [main DPS]

Obsess Undead Rogue

Rap Pandaren Warrior

Loan Tauren Paladin

Dive Undead Death Knight

Tame Troll Hunter

Taste Goblin Warlock

Silvermoon EU [Alliance]

Guild: Diamond Dogs

*Alliance are a little complicated right now after the RAF changes… so… the following are approximations as some are not finished leveling*.


Bait Dwarf Rogue

Swatch Worgen Druid

Ram Pandaren Warrior

Taste Gnome Warlock

Yep Lightforged Draenei Mage


Boundary Dwarf Shaman

Sacral Draenei Paladin

Cluck Gnome Monk

Hey Lightforged Draenei Hunter

Dive Worgen Death Knight

Stare Pandaren Priest

Single Night Elf Demon Hunter


Buy Gnome Warrior – Silvermoon [Seller]

Buy Goblin Warrior – Tarren Mill [Guild Bank 1] [Main Sales]

Sift Nightborne Monk – Tarren Mill [Guild Bank 2] [Personal Storage]

Puppy Highmountain Druid – Tarren Mill [Guild Bank 3] [Pet Storage]

Addiction Tauren Druid – Argent Dawn [Pet Sales]

Other Servers

Caelestrasz AUS


Filly Tauren Druid

Rear Troll Hunter

Impress Goblin Warlock

Dangerous Orc Rogue

Hole Undead Mage

Supply Pandaren Warrior


Confident Tauren Paladin

Spiritual Troll Shaman

Writer Goblin Priest

Swatch Orc Death Knight

Keep Undead Monk

Ore Blood Elf Demon Hunter


Bus Troll Druid – Barthilas

Prance Troll Shaman – Barthilas

Possess Undead Monk – Nagrand

Worth Tauren Paladin – Nagrand

Late Pandaren Priest – Nagrand

Mob Tauren Druid – Frostmourne


(I use for farming)

Hiss Orc Rogue – Tarren Mill [Defias Farm/ Coins of Air/ etc)

Sock Blood Elf Demon Hunter – Dentarg (Rare Spawns)

Power Troll Druid – Dentarg (Materials)

Funk Undead Monk – Dentarg (Dungeons / Outdoor)

Faire Troll Druid – Dentarg (Dungeons / Outdoor)


Addiction Tauren Druid – Argent Dawn

Siren’s Rig

Siren’s WeakAuras

Siren’s Addons

Siren’s Macros

Rematch Teams

Siren’s Farming

Siren’s TSM List

Siren’s Keybinds

Character’s Outfits

Siren’s WoW Linux

Siren’s Games Played

Siren’s Convo about RP

Siren’s Wowhead Guides




Battle Pets: 667 of 1048 (what my pets are worth to sell)

Mounts: 172

Achievements: 4470


Battle Pets: 728 of 1048 (what my pets are worth to sell)

Mounts: 203 (198/200 Achievement)

Achievements: 14780

Cool Shit:

[most of the following images are broken… will reapply the images later on].

Legendary Staff Questline:

Took 20 weeks so I could turn into a Dragon :).

Siren Watcher Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

Swatch Dragon Staff

Was a huge feat for me, it took me ages because undergeared and a beginner. If I was max wod geared it would have been easy, but I wasnt. I can’t even remember if I had hit 100 yet.

I couldn’t clear it on heroic, only normal. So it took me pretty much the whole 2o+ weeks that wowhead quotes the timeframe as I’d guess.

Shannox was the bane of my existence. It took me so long to eventually understand through researching, a random comment was just like “oh so just kill _ dog first, then ur fine” < man… kek, lmao. Rofl. Cause he had to be up for ages to do his ability.

I really enjoyed firelands though. I like fire :), and the druids of the flame, and lava and stuff.

Was my first legendary. And I thoroughly enjoyed the happiness :).

Proving Grounds Gold Tank

Siren Watcher Gold Tank

I was so proud of myself :D. As a new player, and as a lady. I still am really proud of it tbh, even if it doesnt mean much.

See to me, it means “I’m not a scrub tank”. I was able to do something, like a test, for my ability.

It’s just that thought. Like any other feat of strength that you’ve gotten, that “you conquered something”.

Also because it kind of let me know that I’d chosen okay.

I really like tanking, and the, “girls should heal” thing, it makes me feel better knowing that there is a reason I tank.

Cause I can do it, “says this achievement” XD. A+.

Brawler’s Guild WoD Completed

Obsess Brawler Achieve

Some of the bosses in here drove me mental.

I did it on my hunter, because dps classes seemed to have much less problem then tanks.

The ability to kite was well worth it on a lot of encounters.

My hunter was my main alt, so yeah.

I think, 4/however-many, I really struggled on. I was super excited when I did it tbh.

The reason I started it was because I wanted the fist weapon heirlooms :).

I like the mount n the shirts obviously too :P.

EU account

That was nice blizzard. Made me feel better for not having anything on EU:


Blizzcon pets switch over too. Very nice.

Noteable things in game that I appreciate [from irl]:

These are generally occult things, or knowledge-I-think-everyone-should-have things; which are slotted into the game like a sexy wink ;).

Planned Obsolecence Cyclic Consumption World of Warcraft

“A sorry reminder of the cost of planned obsolescence.”

See; Blog > List of Videos > Economy, for more info on the subject :).

Ley Lines Dragon Lines World of Warcraft

Ley Lines/ Dragon Lines are commonly cited in lore worldwide.

They are like batteries, lines can be “yin” or “yang”, when these lines intercross, the negative and positive currents create huge power in these areas.

Throughout time, they have been well known by multiple names all over the world. Its cited that Hitler and Stalin did a fuckload of research on them.

Funny enough, a fuckload of american military bases are placed on these cross points, as to why America builds stupid bases like Pine Gap in the middle of nowhere.

Hole saying What The Fuck

World of Warcraft Dangerous Caelestrasz What The Fuck Undead Female

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