My name is Siren Watcher.

I'm a porn amateur, gamer, english teacher, university student, freelancer, and photographer.

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Just using a few networks so far :).

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Little Details about Siren

These are some short burst little points about me that you may find interesting.


I am bisexual. For me specifically this means:

I fuck based on convenience mostly, and individualised compatibility.

Genitals are secondary as I just want to orgasm… everyone has a face and fingers you know ;).

I tend to just look for particular things in an individual for whether I want to sleep with them or not.


I am from Australia. I traveled around the country by moving houses for short periods of time.

I have lived in China (Guiyang) teaching English, and now live in Germany (Düsseldorf).

I have short term travelled to; Britain (Manchester and London), Morocco (Casablanca), and China (Beijing and Chengdu).


I have 6 tattoos, all in places that can be hidden.

“Live Free” in calligraphy, a dragon, a pegasus, the japanese symbol for “knowledgeable” (to acquire knowledge), a heart balloon and a bow and arrow.

I prior had 7, but the “white” ink one wore off my finger, it said “wild”.

Movies / Series

I watch a lot of documentaries to be fair. Alongside tedtalks, alternative media, lectures, interviews, and less popularised content.

I’m a big fan of the movie Revolver, V for Vendetta, and Idiocracy. In terms of series I like Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Black Books, and Star Trek. Find out more about that on Imdb above.


I am studying my second undergrade degree by distance in Sociology and Anthropology, via an Australian uni. Completing my last unit. I have been accepted into a Masters under the same major.

My first undergraduate degree was in culture and communication. I also have a diploma of arts and a diploma in journalism. I started the second undergraduate for prerequisities required for a specific postgraduate.


My favourite genre is rock/metal, and I went to many concerts in my teens.

I also occassionally listen to stuff like techno and some mainstream artists.

Mostly I like any music that is sounds hard, rough, or deep.

You can check out my Spotify above for playlists.


In 2016, I built my own computer from scratch for the first time. Prior I only bought individual bits and pieces. I have built 3 PCs to date now, and am looking to build my fourth. I am an old-school AMD girl.

I love hot weather. As hot as it can get :P. Singlets and wassereis vibe.

I did horse-riding as my after-school sport for about 6 years. Still enjoy it on holidays.

I adore groups of people and communities. I tend to struggle with one-on-one environments. Somewhat as I fear boredom, and somewhat because I’m an intense kind of person. I tend to be much more chill when in a group.

I make solo porn because I enjoy it. One day will look into making it with other people but not in any rush.

I don’t wear makeup.


I teach English online to mostly Japanese students. My student’s are both adults and children.

I quite like the work, as its a steady source of income and I can do it from anywhere in the world when I travel. As long as there is internet.

I am mostly nocturnal. As is, I believe, are 30% of the species in some facet. What this means is that my native circadian rhythms are most active in the evening. Ie, I feel most awake at night. Harvard seems to think that this is genetic. If you are someone who is similar (cool), if you are a day person (it’s okay to be different).

I work late night / early morning hours my time. This works out to be morning in Asia where most of my students are. I also teach some Europeans as well, in the late evening, as the platform I work on is Global.

Questions and Answers

These are questions asked to me either on my prior subreddit, or overall questions I have answered locally on the website itself.

Why are you diversifying to other networks and giving up Pornhub Exclusive?

After my first year of Pornhub I debated what “Exclusive” meant. Let me show you… So. This is a box you can “opt” to tick in. Alongside this…

You are an Ozzie living in Germany. What’s the story behind this?

So when I thought of moving overseas, I thought, “where can I get citizenship with who I am currently”. Germany is one of these places where I was able to tick some boxes to stay long term…

From your last response I learned that you travelled a lot. What were the most memorable experiences and did you learn something you need to share with others?

Some part of my mental thought developed into realising that fundamentally I was using external things to represent the Self. Which surprised me, as I’d never really considered that other…

What is it like to perform on Pornhub or Chaturbate?

Being able to “make” something that appeases others, makes me happy… Pornhub offers variability, in that there is so much niche content to create… Issues that I face are what websites have high traffic specifically for my time zone…

Why take sexual pictures?

I look at myself and find that when I feel most loving, most “womanly”, is when I am sexualised. When I’m about to cum… when I’m naked on a bed embroiled with someone who wants…

What are you concerns about doing porn?

This is the most common debate I’ve had in my head over the years. Comfort with ones own body… I have always been a little chubby. So the thought of, if I ended up in…

What’s your favourite kind of games?

In summary; Psychological Horror / Psychological Thrillers. Ie, things that make you fucking think. And are a little fucked up. Ie, think; detective and crime shows, noir themes, plot twists…

Where are you from / where do you live?

Where I have mainly lived in countries…

What are things I aim to avoid in porn?
[things I reply no to in sex]

Attraction depends on a lot of things. I prefer someone who looks “average”. If your too hot, I’ll ignore you because I think it’s strange you’re talking to me. Think I’m way above you, I’ll…

What are things I aim to do in porn?
[things I reply yes to in sex]

I can manage to put on a pleading puppy-dog-eyes face with sex and truly feel it. I have quite a high sex drive and I have good memory of how it feels to not have that satisfied. Especially as…

What are things you prefer to make videos of?

I adore shower sex, any form of sex with water gets me super thrilled… This section is to specify some of my “best work” roles… **This will get added to over time.**


Parts of the website you might enjoy

The following sections are varied in content and involve other facets of Siren’s life.


The links below this are all being edited. They do work, but some stuff on the pages may be broken as I’m moving things about. This website is going through a major overhaul.


Warframe is my main game. It is a looter-shooter, and this is my help section dedicated to this game – unrelated to porn I also write warframe guides.


Porn Video List

This is a documented list of all videos and gifs available in high quality on Pornhub. Obviously you can find this on PH, this is just an easy to view RSS-looking list.


Gaming Playthroughs

I prior streamed variety games on Twitch. These days I just record and upload. If this is what you are interested in, the VoDs are here for watching.


Siren’s NSFW Reddit List

This is a massive list of subreddit I have looked into, shared stuff to, and continue to. This list will continue to get added to… I have a folder of more /r/ to go through.


Learning German

This is two short series of me learning Deutsch so far.


Travel Map

Public is stats about how far I have travelled and to what countries…


Spotify links to to show you listened to music. This is from 2018-2019 for a snapshot of songs I have listened to. I have since disconnected it, mostly due to some changes Spotify has made in the last few years.


Watching Siren

What names I go by, where to find all my content over the web, my content on multiple platforms, etc.



Getting a bit into the “about” me :). This page is a little out of date, and will be updated at some point. But enjoy it for now in its rawer form :).


Camgirl Advice

Resources leading you to advice about being a camgirl. Videos, channels, camgirl specific social media, subreddits, promotion tools, and a little bit of humour.



This page is about stuff I have been researching, presented in blog format, of my life’s work. A summary of things I recommend; knowledge or information in some form. Most extensive part of the website is located in this section…


Siren Talks

Episodes of Siren diverging into talks whilst playing games. Sometimes totally stopping the game and just going into full chat mode, lol.



This is a file embed of every gif I have made on giphy. Separated into Softcore, Hardcore, Warframe, Warcraft and Other categories.



I… really… like… tea. All the teas, I want to try them all :O. This is a little bit about my tea fetish types :).


Funny Random Videos

Some andom videos I have made in the past trying to explain or show things to people. This is non-sexual content.


I really appreciate that you were curious enough to come to the website. I hope I have made it worth your time and you enjoyed your wandering…