Siren Watcher Australian Teacher Tutor Alo7


This platform is International (Engoo) but the bulk of the students come from Japan (DMM).

Author: Siren Watcher. Published: 2021-09-10.

Job Title

English Teacher



Job Type

Remote Freelance Contractor

Start Date

9th November 2018


Between 4-5 stars by school and parent reviews.


Reviews (46 reviews of 110 classes – 2018/12/31 to 2019/03/31)

Reviews (101 reviews of 235 classes – 2019/03/31 to 2019/06/30)

Reviews (53 reviews of 101 classes – 2019/06/30 to 2019/09/30)

Work Contract 2018-11-09 / Work Contract 2019-11-06

Siren Watcher ALO7 2018-10-15


I taught English to a mixture of business professionals as intermediate-to-advanced learners looking to grow their English skills for employment and travel. Occasionally also beginner children to supplement their mandatory English school education. Many students book me who are looking to push the limits of their English speaking and listening ability.