Politics: Agorism or Private Governance.

Spirituality: Pagan [I believe all gods are arguably scientifically possible, yes, even the Christian god Yahweh].

Ie, i Believe that cognition does not stop and start at the atom structure we are encompassed from, as thats incredibly narcissistic.

If you’re science orientated, the pure notion that your eyes ability to see 2% of the world = all the things = you’re a fucking idiot.

Just be scientific, understand the only thing you can see is light refracting off some things to make colour, pull your head out of ur arse and allow yourself to not be a moron for a second.

Even within that colour spectrum, the human race isnt as legit :(. There are studies which have developed the knowledge that we can see electromagnetic net around the earth and etc… but what we “actually translate into data on the average level” is 2% of the what’s in the world… not a whole fuckload. Thc conceptulisation that our “300 year old baby science” is in some way able to conceptually understand something of a more interesting developmental structure than our own cognition, is laughable. For example, here.

That is what you’re basing your belief on. That anything not made up of ‘exactly’ the same atom structure as you, enough for your eyes to actually see it LUL, doesn’t exist. *Slow claps*.

98% of the world you cant see, don’t be a fucking retard and assume “all the things”. Intelligence is a marvel, don’t presuppose based on lack of conceptualisation of knowledge. Belief is individualistic, I am my own god, but neither will I run around like a fucking unscientific-shitstorm claiming that nothing but what I can see exists… ffs, that would make me a scrub at earth.

For the record, you cannot shoebox me. I am not monotheist. Most westerners dont even understand the scientific validity of matter, let alone my beliefs on the plausability of cognition or consciousness. So fuck off if your being an elitist in this conversation, have your opinion, but do not slow down the race by taking away the duality of your… opinion.

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I dont care what the fuck you eat, but I care what the fuck I eat :). Dont bring it up with me unless your pro-vegetarian. I wont bring it up, unless its its relevant, ie, I buy food and your standing there and ask why the fuck I want a vegie burger. I’ll say some slur like, “because its x2 big as your fucking burger”. Just keep your opinions on wtf I take into my body to yourself, unless you want a pro-vegan discussion. Or “your meat” wont get anywhere near my body either. Majorly, my best known slur is, “the only meat I eat is dick” cause dudes are weird about food and its like a /pat on the head. Ie, you eat only what your told and couldn’t kill an animal. You just eat what other people give you, ie the supermarket shelf; no offense. I do like animals and shit, but I’m a vegan because I want a long lifespan. I can research whatever science I want and do whatever I want with my curvy body. But yeah… proven to give a longer life, more diversification of taste buds, tiny bit of effort telling men to go fuck themselves when they ark up. For me, it’s worth. Don’t expect everyone else to have the balls to say “no” to anthropology, ie, just following wtf other people do. But I’m aware that most of the world is dying of cancer, diabetes, etc. Lmao, forgive me for not following the anthropology [culture] of stupid people ;). You make your choices, and you deal with them :). But I will never bring that shit up in front of western people. I write it here to save the fucking conversation from every western moron going *flails arms around* “you’re different, aaaaaaaaaah”. I write it here so you can flail ur arms around AWAY from me *giggles*.



So… this is a bit of a long topic, so I’m going to summarise and make a video sometime… but ok, to start with. If i go to India, the shit I know would make me highly respected in society. An astrologer is an extremely reputable profession. In the west, because the science is so fucking wrong, it’s considered entertainment. The east never had science problems that the west has. Ie, western culture used things like the ptolematic method for about 1500 years, which only got fixed about 500 years ago.

Therefore, astrology will always be a very strong part of what I do in life, but wont be something I will say to most westerners as a form of my employment. As most of the west will take a bite at my social standing because of it. I’ll go red-eyed, expand like a fucking blimp and slash them to pieces for their propaganda programming.

I don’t bring it up. If you don’t bring it up. But read the below for more about how to talk to me about niche topics if your keen to :).

As a summary of all the above in this section:

I’m very science-minded, and I have little patience for people who don’t research their opinions.

If your well read on a topic. Can understand that the world ceases without dualism. That if you bully me into your opinion than I will become you, and you will no longer be attracted to me. I have to be me, to be attracted to you as a kind of character. If I was of all your opinions, I would swiftly forget that I give a shit about you because, as you, I would go looking for “me”. Same goes for vice-versa, i don’t give a flying-shit what you believe. I give you knowledge, and you go away and think about it and form your own god damned opinions. If i say something profound, say “thats cool, gg”, then tell me something cool on another topic, a trading of knowledge.

Why you trade a different variation of the knowledge, is because, as you have just agreed, that the data was profound. You wouldn’t have thought of it before, so don’t fucking just add some slurring comment of stupidity about what you think about it. Mostly I say this, because it may be a topic you have never even thought of before, or thoughtfully spent any time on.

And think about it, if I have thought of it, then researched it, then thought deeply on it… there is 95% chance I have thought of the very simple response you have just thought to externalise. So sometimes its just better to say “thats cool, gg” is what I am implying. To save your ego the lashing of my sarcasm over your intelligence. I will often go “thats nice dear”, and think you’re a moron. Its instinctual, not a choice. I put a lot of effort into what I know, so I acknowledge when you do or do not. If you ever teach me something that I don’t know, on any subject, I tend to lavish you in praise. In the flipside :). But if you try to replace knowledge I already have, with your “superior” knowledge, that is not the same thing. Making my knowledge weaker, with less legitimized knowledge, does not make you masculine ;).

Trade a different kind of knowledge, but always acknowledge the knowledge given, and acknowledged kindness will be returned. Or, if you would like to gain more indepthness, after you have spoken your “trade” of knowledge, you can end your topic with “oh and would you talk more about your knowledge about _ because it was baller.” And the cycle will start again :). If all this sounds like love n fun, then yeah, please talk to me! I love a good chat :). Contact page is there for this :).

Word to the wise: If you say anything “common”, I will get bored and just cut you off after a short period of time. To specify; my brain is fast. If you say an opinion, that I have already comprehended, then I wont accept your data. I can say “good line of thought”, but i cant give you /grats for something that I just have auto-assumed everyone knows O.o. Or if its so simple that every textbook or person in the world understands it and can express it, then I will feign interest and go looking for something/one else. The more thought you put into your belief, the more I will be hooked on your every word. I am not someone who has to share the same interest to find what you think is interesting. I find all knowledge and information has a use. And I love to see the passion in other people, regardless of what it is. I am the kind of person, if you bring up a topic, i can recall some random piece of data from 15 years ago and give u some cool bit of stuff about what you like. Even if i have no interest in it, because I’m interested, in you. If that makes sense? So i admire the same feat in another person, if you like me as a person, and learn some extra stuff about what I’m interested in to teach me about it. I take that as a sign of compatible friendship. Because thats why people like me, because I care enough that when i see things that interest other people, i remember it for them :). I always have something to say that can help you. Its about providing a stable environment for growth and the sharing of hidden things. The more hidden things you know, ie, if i don’t know them. The more i consider you a friend :).

If you cant adhere to this shit, don’t add me, cause ill fucking just fight with you. Just admire me from afar, if you don’t have any wisdom to exchange with me :).

Gg, *love* people.