This page is about stuff I have been researching, presented in blog format, of my life’s work. A summary of things I recommend; knowledge or information in some form.

Sometimes they are specific things, such as a video or article. Or link to a resource, like a website for documentaries. Sometimes just a random life-impact thing. 100% of what I share is free.

So. To explain. This stuff, if you don’t know it, will cause some kind of divide within my ability to communicate with you. For me some of this knowledge is integral to peer-connectivity. It is like being able to talk to your friend about the new movie content, or a series that is popular on television. In differential, these are the things I indulge in. A lot of this information is integral to existence. I can sit and talk about the former things that are flavour of the month popculture, but there is a good chance I will be bored out of my fucking mind. Should you bring up a lot of things in the following, you will engage me properly in conversation as my peer or superior. If you talk about things I think a squirrel could learn, I wont be as adamant that you are necessary to speak to. This is not meant to be derogatory, we all enjoy popculture in some form or another. What I am implying is that there is different “textures” of conversation, and sometimes… people can completely avoid, sometimes their whole lives, being ‘textured’ with thicker information.

My discussion here is meant to imply that you CAN have some ideas in the following that may help you in your own life. Or, for interacting with me individually. Sometimes, these things take time. Which is why, sometimes people dismiss texturisation because they would rather… “be ruled into slavery” rather than pick up a pen and write a word. *sighs uncomfortably*, the contextualisation is that to know something, means you are then wise enough to utilise it. The more you know, sometimes the more alone you are in your knowledge, but the wiser you are to enrich your own life.

So look at the following things in the Blog with these former words of warning. There are multiple mediums for different kinds of learners, or people who encompass all. Ie, books, videos, articles, websites, audio books, podcasts, journal articles on wide varieties of subjects. Taking an hour and a half to watch a movie, that may change your life, is somehow viable to me.

I live in my body, I’d rather it be a meatsuit of fucking amazing rather than a regurgitation of being identical-in-nature-to-others. It is fine to have similarities, as it is also fine to have differences, but if you fail to have any ‘depth’ to your variations of these, then you can be replaced. If you are speaking to me, and you let anything write your body for you, I will write you out of my life. You control yourself, or someone like me will kick you from it. This is why I like when people have texture in their conversations, because, it means you are self-aware. That you want to exist. That you want to know that you have Life. If you fail to show me this assumption, I will instead assume that you are… written to be a “filler”. That you are not special… ie, I could hear your exact opinion from 1.4 million other people. The more ingrained your opinion, the more textured, the more you think on something… the more interesting I find you and the more I will feel relaxed sharing my time.

The following things can add great colour to a person… I hope you enjoy :)!

P.S. If you want to have a guide… like a step by step helper on what I think are some very strong points you should be aware of. Then that is here > Guide.


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Brief History of Some Cool Shit [Updating]

When I’m in mid-conversation with someone on a topic, I flick over to my clouds or website to quickly reference whilst in conversation.

I also feel that sharing knowledge is viable to a profitable community. Development en-mass is something, I admit, I obsess over ;).

Enjoy the resources if it’s your ‘cup of tea’ :).