Brief History of Some Cool Shit

So a brief history of some cool as fuck shit that’s happened in my life up until the present:

[includes; Frequented, Started Studying, Went to, Became, Saw Band, Took Part, Started Working and Entertained].

Years 2016-2003 [more photos are generally found in Photos > Events].

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-being updated-



Entertained: at World of Warcraft [Current]


Started Working: at Free Sidereal Astrology

First Six Months:

 Free Sidereal Astrology 2

Built website and started working on it about 14 hours a day; love it so much!

First Year:

Free Sidereal Astrology 2014 Views Siren Watcher

Got first page of google due to managing google's swift return on trackbacks.

Involved bypassing google+, and therefore my google+ page has 20k+ views :).

Second Year:

Free Sidereal Astrology 2015 Views

Site was down for three months.

Moved from hosted to self hosted, so shifted over all the posts.

Changed the site to be able to be auto-run for people to play with themselves.

Prior involved hours of work for me per person :D.

Third Year:

Three months into 2016, with the site nearly being finished its major overhaul

Three months into 2016, with the site nearly being finished its major overhaul, views are looking nice so far :).

I didnt upload Jetpack… my bad. So… for the last three months it hasn’t been tracking anything. So… anyway… not to worry. My real issue is:

Says its only got 64 views from Jetpack…

Website itself says its got 644+… so… umm… its possible that I got 500+ views in 4/7 of those months, as three of the months data isn’t on jetpack. But I doubt it. I think the program isn’t registering as well when its self hosted. I’d likely find that to be the theme…

Which is okay. I always considered that’s ability to track would be less amicable.

It just means that I’ll get a different addon to track it.

This year though. It will be some screwy numbers. I am okay with that.


Went to: Dinner & Doco: ‘Forks Over Knives’: With Q&A hosted by Dr. Marilyn Golden Mar 28, 2013 @ Kings Cross, Sydney.

Went to a meetup for the first time at a vegan restaurant. Food ftw XD, hehehe. It was really nice, met some nice people. Watched a fucking fantastic documentary. Listened to an extremely interesting lady, whom I still refer to as a source :D.

Sexy as fuck doctor, whom was a mainstream western practitioner who went traditional. The story I recount:

So, I’m sitting there, and the lady walks in and you know, I’m checking her out in this tight purple dress. She looked about 30, in my opinion, but about 10 minutes in, she expressed that she was approx 60 years old. My jaw hit the floor obviously in surprise!

She then put images on the slideshow of other women around her age who were getting awards like sexiest vegetarian and etc. Mimi Kirk, and I can only guess, Annette Larkin. It was years ago I’m inferring this data. But there was quite a few people on the screen, athletes and people like mini kirk.

The reason why she was there as a guest speaker, was because she was relevant to the context of the movie. The movie was made by western doctors. Who talked about how they had cured cancer patients whom had been given a “six months left to live” diagnosis. Then cured them with raw food. It went into the reasonably heavy science.

I quote this from memory; that the visceral wall linings of cells are decayed over time which leads to wrinkles, cell decay, etc. When you consume raw foods, the foods rebuild the visceral wall linings of the cells and make you figuratively, “age backwards”. Hence why the sexiness of the speaker hit me so heavily. Because at the time, I had stumbled upon raw food stuff before and had researched it. But, having a doctor actually stand in front of me, curvaceous and suave, and be sixty and look fine. The knowledge accumulated to feel like a solidified truck to all the prior data and new stuff being taught, ‘legit’. Ie, the speaker was a mainstream doctor who became holistic, and the film is riddled with doctors :).

It kind of… sent me on the long term path, to which I’m still on. Will take about another 5 years till I’m totally there. But yeah, a slow progression to making a lot of my diet raw. A mate of mine used to run spiritual events and make like raw-candy :P, like coconut cherry sticky balls and stuff. Raw food doesn’t mean not made into sexy burgers or anything. It just means making it differently, under 100 degrees I think is the exact thing. Just not enough to break down the molecular structure of the food and retain its gg’ness.

There are plenty of websites on how to make raw pizzas. Dehydrate crusts instead of cooking to make crispy, then putting on all the glorious stuff you want. And burgers which are put into food processors and are crumbly and… *starts to drool*. The raw food cookbook vocabulary is divine and filled with awesome stuff. Sometimes, it just is the difference between substituting one ingredient for a non-cooked variety. Like if your changing from processed, like switching to coconut milk, almond milk, etc etc. There is heaps of variety out there. And seeing a doctor talk about her experiences herself, really made me smile. And i remember it super fondly :).

I just went by myself, met some nice people from what I remember. I found the talk on the meetup website and just went along. It said the resturant provided yummers as fuck food + movie on subject I found interesting = I’m in :P.



Took Part: in the Occupt Protest @ Sydney City.

Occupy Protest Siren Watcher

Distributed photos from the event:

Occupy Protest Sydney 1 Occupy Protest Sydney 2 Occupy Protest Sydney 3 Occupy Protest Sydney 4 Occupy Protest Sydney 5

Took Part: in Gay Rights Protest @ Sydney City.

Siren Watcher Gay Rights Protest

In my kawaii red beanie lookin’ baller.

Grouped up with a few people and decided to go for drinks afterwards, was really nice.

I became good mates with a few and all round, had great many chats :).


Became: a Vegetarian on the 30 December 2010.

Vegetarian Vegan Nobody Cares Siren Watcher

So, I had always wanted to be a vegetarian from a very young age.

I wanted to be a VET very young, and loved animals. And rode horses for my sport of choice for most of my life.

But decided that it would be too hard on my parents if I was a vegetarian.

So, at the ripe age of 22 decided it was time to give myself what I wanted.

I just kind of ‘clicked’ that it was time. It wasn’t a hard switch, easy to just type into a search engine “replacement ingredient for” :).

I don’t mind what others eat, because I understand people have different lifespans. But I can’t ‘picture’ myself as a meat-eater when someone refers to them eating meat. I literally just remove my brain from the picture because its not something I would do.

Kind of like, if a girl starts talking about shaking her breasts. A guy cannot see himself as doing that, and so voyeurs. Which is kind of what i do with people when they talk about something not in my reality. I just, voyeur them talking about it. So if your talking about this nice burger that you ate, and I’m putting on a “gg, thats nice dear *pat pat*” face. The above is why.

Taken from an earlier writing “timeline”:

Birthday Present to Myself [30th dec is my bday :P].

I am a Number 1, A+ Level Vegetarian. I am a Poor Vegan. I am a very good vegetarian.

But i have a hard time sticking to veganism due to convenience based foods having a lot of dairy in them.

These days I am getting much better because I’m sticking to a more Raw diet, to age backwards. Science fucking rules bro 🙂

Funny Vegetarian Moments in my Life:

~ Being at my mums place for a family gathering and randomly eating a piece of cabanossi on the cheese platter. Realising only mid-chew that it wasn’t meant to be in my mouth. [Habit forming behaviour :/].

~ Things I say to people when they look at me funny for being a vegetarian: “I have enough dick in my mouth, i don’t need any more meat.” It comes out different per person, the more masculine the person, the more aggressive it sounds 😀 mwahahahahah.

~ A taxi driver taking me in whilst in Mackay. Giving me a sausage on my plate and being like *fuck it, awesome chick, eats her sausage*. I’m not averse to meat, i just think its fucking shit for you. When I see someone eating meat i don’t think “there strong” or “a fucking pussy”. I think, “ha, their gunna age badly, age quicker, and get more cancer from processed and cooked food” /sigh rofl. I have my right to want to live the longest. Also… being so fucking unmanly that you have to go out and get someone else to indignity slaughter an animal for you… It’s like… asking me to jerk you off over the computer… yup… good luck with that. It just doesn’t give you the same power boost when its not done personally. You arn’t obtaining +1 masculinity for eating someone else’s kill.

I’d just prefer not putting a beat up animal in my stomach to have its epigenetic cells peel away the awesomeness within mine. If I want someone to suffer… I will do it myself. Not pay $10 at the supermarket which goes to someone else to stick a cow in a machine that makes it bleed to death. Or psychologically convince a female she is pregnant all her life so I can get some milk. So I can pretend that being breast fed at 40 is okay… yeah. Humans are fucked 😛 mwahahahaha. WINNING AT LIFE :D.

Lol, my need to let that stay in here, because I’m hilarious. Is apt ;).


Frequented: Tracks @ Epping, NSW.

Frequented Pub Tracks Nightclub Siren Watcher

Frequented this nightclub/pub for about a year.

For a while I would travel there with a bunch of mates from about half an hour away.

I’d park my car at a mates who was local to the venue so it became our club of choice.

Then I ended up moving there and so it became within walking distance.

I frequented on Thursday nights, sometimes Fridays.

As I was a bakery apprentice and worked either Saturday to Wednesday, or Friday to Tuesday :).


Went to: see Wicked (Stage Show) @ Capitol Theatre, Sydney City.

2009 Wicked Show 1 @ Sydney NSW Australia Siren Watcher 2009 Wicked Show 3 @ Sydney NSW Australia Siren Watcher 2009 Wicked Show 2 @ Sydney NSW Australia Siren Watcher 2009 Wicked Show 4 @ Sydney NSW Australia Siren Watcher

Went to see Wicked with my mum :).

Experienced: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (Conference/ Speeches) @ Redfern, NSW.

“Organization of architects and engineers who dispute the results of official investigations into the September 11 attacks…”

I wrote down a shitload of notes, I remember drinking tea, and I remember there being videos and projectors.

I really enjoyed it and it was really early on into my aware stuff.

Was 18, it is something I am proud of seeing when they toured Aus.

I feel lucky that I was in an environment which brought about me seeing it.



Started Studying: at Macleay College

Started Studying at Macleay College Siren Watcher

Picture is me on the train to college XD, train lag, rofl.

Worked four days a week, went to college three days.

Was an interesting year indeed.

Got a Diploma in Journalism; after a segway of finishing one of the units at uni so that I could work one extra day.

Learnt… a few things. I loved the computer courses, the online journalism stuff and sub-editing.

I learnt a lot about the structure of the different kinds of writing in different places. Such as the “look” of a sentence in terms how many words it has.

I learnt that my typing speed is 88 words per minute with less than 98% accuracy, and 75-76 wpm with above 98% accuracy :). [22500 keystrokes per hour].

I learnt how radio needs your voice to be monotone and not have too many inflections so that people can listen to it.

I remember watching a video about how fox news bosses are given a postit note every morning from Murdoch. About what they can/can’t report on each day. Ie, like saying to defame this person, or to not release this information because of interested parties. It was to teach us about the negative side of the industry that we were being trained to work in.

I learnt that working whilst studying wasn’t something I would repeat; as I am the kind of person who can’t say no to a boss. In terms of getting shifts and etc. I am a people pleaser. And I do crave work.

I learnt that traveling for about 2 hours to go to listen to someone else and do menial repetitive work isn’t feasible.

All round, it was an expensive course, and my first out of school.

I started it because I am good at writing. And my parents said I had to do some kind of study rather than just working straight out of school.

It was “okay”, i did learn some stuff. But majority of it was me sleeping in class and fucking around with 3 mates, one of whom I ended up living with years later. So it was okay all-round. I did get a few distinctions in the course, and I was able to use it as credit for university degrees later on :).

Saw Band: Bullet For My Valentine

I’ve seen them twice… found the link for 2007 show date, but can’t find a link for 2006.

The first I saw them; I didn’t know who they were and I just got drunk with a guy that I bumped into, that I’d previously met.

The second time; I knew who they were and enjoyed :D.


Saw Band: Hellyeah

Was fucking awesome :P.

Mudvayne was the first band I ever saw Live.

So the concept of hellyeah was something I couldn’t miss.

Seeing a mix of Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface. Totally awesome.


Saw Band: Stone Sour

I really love stone sour.

The location was in a beautiful acoustic historical building.

Amazing band.

Love slipknot, don’t get me wrong, but stone sour takes my breathe away :).

Love them, all the feels :D.


Saw Band: 30 Seconds To Mars

Lost my shoe in the mosh :D.


Loved it.


Went to: Dylan Moran

I think the link was the correct specific day… :), it was around those few days though :).

He was fucking hilarious.

I bought a shirt :).



Went to: Cave Clanning

So cave clanning, is being in a ‘clan’ exploring ‘caves’.

Its not quite as cut and dry like that. Its more, exploring shit that your not really supposed to. Which is awesome. Closed down places and etc.

Was very interesting, I went a handful of times and still remember the experiences :).

Went to a few places; this fantastic place in Woolloomooloo. Greenwich and another place in I think it was Artarmon.

Such an interesting thing to go to places that other people probably hadn’t gone in for a hundred years :).

One of them was 100 years to the day someone was telling me a few years later because it was re-opened after 100 years so it could be ‘cave clanned’ :P.

I remember being in this underground building that just went forever under sydney city… was… so… fucking… cool… :D.

I remember you had to give a tag name rather than a real name incase we got caught :D.

I remember giving the name Shadow, because they said tag name, and that was my tag name in the novella I was writing, rofl.

[Link and Link and Link and Link].

Saw Bands: Taste of Chaos international with Anti-Flag, Thursday, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday

The main lineup; Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Anti-Flag, Underoath, Senses Fail, Alexisonfire, Saosin and Parkway Drive.

Someone took me to this :).

I really liked Anti-Flag, I was impressed I saw a side-act band [Beretta Justice] that used to go to my school that I bought their album from!

I believe I really liked Underoath, Parkway Drive, Thursday and Anti-Flag, by just looking at the main lineup list.


Saw Band: Marilyn Manson

This concert was okay.

I love Manson’s music.

I find him interesting in terms of his history.

There was a nice mosh.

Lost my shoe.


Saw Band: Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)

Lost my shoe.

So I’ve done that a few times now ;), rofls.

I always have to wait around at the end to get to the front to reclaim my shoe in the massive pile at the front. Rofl.

Its only ever one… -.-.

And as soon as it slips off u go O.O cause you know its gone, rofl.

Kicked to freedom XD.

Was a short set, only 45 minutes or something, was good though.


Saw Band: Korn, Disturbed, Hatebreed, 10 Years

Was epic.

Nearly missed all of 10 years, love them :D. I wasn’t driving at the time, so someone else was and made us run late.

Hatebreed was epic, i wore a jacket there with hatebreed down the side :3.

Disturbed were awesome!

Korn was fucking sick 🙂

[Link and Link].

Saw Band: Static-X and Ill Nino

This was the first concert I ever crowd surfed in, and I loved it!

I remember Static-X was watching Ill Nino play from the above rafters behind us ;).

What You Deserve by Ill Nino and This Is Not by Static-X are my favourite songs by the bands :).

I met Ill Nino at a signing :), at Utopia. [Link]


Frequented: Goth (Sydney Gashes) City Meetups

2006 Bat Pants @ Hyde Park, NSW, Australia 2006 Spoon Black @ Kellyville, NSW, Australia2005 Red Tongue @ Kellyville NSW Australia 2006 Gothic Meets @ Hyde Park, NSW, Australia

So… I thoroughly enjoyed this.

A bunch of old school goths, and new age emos, chilling in the city district of Sydney on saturday during the day.

From about 11am to the evening in Hyde Park.

The events started through a website like facebook/myspace called Vampire Freaks.

With a big sydney group on the website deciding to run meetups. There was hundreds of members in the online group, and there was always a good turnout. Bunch of kids in black mobbing the park, was awesome :).

I loved getting on the train :D.

[Link] and [Link].

Went to: the Life-Sized Maze


Saw Band: Mudvayne

First band I ever saw.

Had wisdom teeth out three days before the concert so had fat face. Therefore didn’t mosh and stood at the back.

I had to stand quite a ways back because I’m so short that I couldn’t see otherwise XD.

I really enjoyed it.

I met them with a fat face at a signing :), at Utopia.

Over the few years of going to gigs, I sincerely loved the UNSW Roundhouse as a place.

It is a bar/round kind of event hall, on the side of University of NSW. It was “small” and therefore it was a personal environment.

Moshes were manageable, you were always close to the band, and the bar and bathrooms weren’t far away.

I really enjoyed it out of all the places I went :).



Started Working: at Coles Stanhope Gardens

2004 Coles Supermarket @ Stanhope Gardens, NSW, Australia


Customer Service Assistant and Bakery Assistant.

Mad crew times :P.

I started working here when I was in year 10 at high school. The store had been opened only a year before, and so I was a part of the “second wave” of inductees. So, there was a shitload of young people my age whom got hired alongside me and the year before. This lead to meeting a huge amount of people and making a crew which lasted for years.

It was impactful to me, as it made high school different.

I remember having about 150 people at my 18th birthday party. A mixture of high school crew, my city goth crew, and my work crew. I loved seeing the different kinds of people meet for the first time. The semi-intermingling of the different people from different areas mix. My city crew being from all over the sydney metro region. My school crew being from ‘the hills’ shire. And my work crew being from ‘the blacktown’ shire. The age diversity ranged from about 14 years old to 30 years old. So was very interesting XD. With a handful in there above 30 XD. It really was interesting indeed. After I finished school though, after about a year, those long term friendships that I had maintained over the past few years started to depreciate. I moved around a bit. And currently, in 2016, i can say I probably only keep in touch with about a handful out of all of them :). Was good times, my history XD. Most of the photos from my 18th were taken by a guy who was wooing my mum. All on one disc from his A+ camera. She claims she gave it to me later on. I don’t recall seeing them. Either way, most of the photos from the event were lost. But I don’t really care. There were a few which mum took around in her collection. But I remember it, *went to go into a memory segway*, but thats really anything to do with Coles! Hehehe.

Coles was my longest employment of 4-5 years. I was at two stores. I went through so many damn bosses.

I had a high scan rate when I was on registers and loved competing with myself over it.

I loved packing the ‘green’ bags :). I went to bakery because I was head-hunted, rofl.

I first year I was in the bakery we got the Australia-wide record for most donuts sold over a month.

Hmmm… I worked 5am – 2pm every weekend for about 2 years.

A few times I remember rocking up drunk and never did it after that. One can imagine, didn’t go well, running back n forward to the bathrooms.

I loved having ‘lunch’ at like 9am XD.

I loved missing traffic totally because i worked prior to it both at the end and start of my shift.

I loved being able to hide in the bakery and not be seen, in comparison to registers in which you get seen.

I loved being able to be efficient, packing bread and making donuts, and etc etc.

I loved the little team in the bakery, loving the bakers and the other bread-packers.

I loved running the show on the weekends for about six months, rostering in girls from registers to work with me.

I loved having my mates from other departments sneak in. Giving them free donuts and they could just sit and chillax with me for a bit.

I love that later on, i switched to woolworths and got instant hired because I’d worked at coles. ROFL.

All round, coles was a great working experience for me :).




Started Studying: at Castle Hill High School

Castle Hill High School Siren Watcher

Castle Hill High School Siren Watcher 2

Majored in English (Advanced + Extension 1 + Extension 2. So x3 english classes yea ;)).

Ancient History, Business Studies and Computers (Information Processes and Technology).

Graduated in 2006 :).

Had an awesome group with people spanning from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

When I was in year 7 I split from a main group of girls because I just… well… didn’t enjoy the drama. I was fine doing my own thing.

After a while, picked up a whole bunch of randoms from a range of years and we made a kind of irregular group. Was cool. In year 9, I felt cool hanging with year 12s and stuff. Was co-ed, so range of boys and girls :). The group had sub groups. The group was pretty big, and I enjoyed being able to jump between each group. That there would always be people around the spot to chill with and etc :).

I remember early in, in like year 7. Being so small, and being next to the really tall year 12 goth boys, and them saying something to me, and me being all :3.

One of the first memories I have of the school is going to open day. There was a mixture of events in the hall, and i remember seeing the year 10 goth kids. I remember being all like XD, epic. Later on, in year 8, i remember one letting me jump on his steelcap shoes, which I still think was so cool :D.

I remember being in year 8 and my group being mixed in years. So when there was a few classes which spanned two years, and I got to sit with my year 9 friend :).

I remember spending majority of my schooling time, writing stories. I would sit in the back-ish corners of a classroom. Get out papers and just write for hours and hours. I would go home and sit for 6 hours straight on the computer and just write stories.

Hmmm… many ponderings :).