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Siren’s Linux Setup

Steps on how to load programs in Linux.

Active: Launcher/ World of Warcraft

Spotify [Spotify, and alternative Skin]

Yandex Disk


Avidemux (Synaptic)

Curse Client/ lcurse

MakeHuman & Blender


Virtual Box


World of Logs/ Adobe Air [Warcraft Logs]/ Ask Mr Robot

Heroes of the Storm


Program: Launcher/ World of Warcraft

Both work fine for me now for over six months, with fine FPS. Launcher

1: Download

Sign into > Manage My Games > Game Accounts [Click on your Active [WoW(1)] Game] > Download Game Client > Game Installer Windows > Save File.

Ubuntu Software Centre/Command Line/Crossover/ PlayonLinux:

Install Program to Run .exe Files [if you dont already have it]

Install Wine Staging [Newest versions of Wine, so that if there is a bug that you get the fix asap. Staging = newest updates, Developing = building new programs, Stable/Wine = Slowest to release but normalised].

Open Ubuntu Software Centre, type in search > wine, install Configure Wine and Winetricks.

Open Ubuntu Software Centre, type in search > synaptic, click Install for Synaptic Package Manager.

When install finishes. Go to your desktop, click CTRL+ALT+T [open terminal]. Type sudo su, press enter, put in password, this makes you root administrator. Type, synaptic, press enter (this opens the Synaptic Package Manager program).

In synaptic installer> Click search, type wine [description and name, in second dropdown menu], click search. Scroll down to bottom.

To explain, in the Latest Version column, 1.9.thelatestversion [or 2.1 or dicknumber.vaginanumber, whatever the biggest number is mate :). 0 = oldest, whatever.whatever = newest] is what you are turning on. This tells ubuntu to update the default wine1.6 old version to the new versions and keep it up to date.

Find, wine-staging, right click, Mark for Installation (this tells it to update the new ‘stages’ of updates). Then click Apply at the top.

Repeat this with, wine-staging-amd64, right click, Mark for Installation (this tells it to install the ‘stages’ in 64-bit). Then click Apply at the top.

If any of the following are green = means it is already installed, if not;

Repeat this, wine-devel, wine-devel-amd64, wine-devel-i386:i386, wine-gecko2.21, wine-gecko2.21:i386, wine-mono-0.0.8, wine-staging-i386:i386, winehq-devel, winetricks.

This is done to ensure that fixes to WoW bugs are on our system, the ‘staging’ versions have the quickest fixes to problems.

2. Use

Go to Downloads [or your download location] > Right click the download. It will install now.

3: Done

Sources: Errors: dbghelp Errors: load 32 bit Errors: Solved: [Linux] issues with Patch 6.2.4 (Consolidated Issues Thread) R09

EXPLAINED: How to Install/Uninstall Program in Linux Using PACKAGE MANAGERS [apt, dpkg, yum, rpm]

WineHQ World of Warcraft



If you are looking to put in your addons or just look at the WoW folder, Home > CTRL + H > .wine > Program Files (x86) > World of Warcraft > Interface > Addons. So .wine = Windows’ My Computer :).

If your getting the memory #132 error in your gameplay:

Currently fixed.

If this is an error for you, these fixes below were things I have tried :).

Try each fix one at a time, without needing to flow on based on need-to-do.

Fix 1: Launcher force to -64bit load:

Reading my error messages, Home > CTRL + H > .wine > Program Files (x86) > World of Warcraft > Errors. I noted that it said, Command:  “C:/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/WoW-64.exe” -noautolaunch64bit -launch -uid wow_enus, which it shouldn’t have been doing. As I had turned off the button to force it to 32-bit, but it may be residual. So, in launcher > top right corner hover over down arrow, press TAB > Game Settings > tick Additional command line arguments, then put in -autolaunch64bit > Click done.

Fix 2: Edit LAA:


Then, here.

To load the program, download the ‘wine with support’ program Crossover, here. Download the free trial, as you will only need to use it once in a while. Open it > create New Bottle (bottom green +) > Windows XP > Create > Install Windows Software (bottom white rectangle) > type .net, then pick Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. > Continue > Click New_Bottle > Install > Go through the installation. This just allows the little program to run to edit your LAA for WoW (Blizz says its okay to do, here). Exit out of Crossover.

Go to .zip file for Large Address Aware (LAA). What this pretty much is, is that 32-bit = limited. 64-bit = bigger. There is no linux client for WoW so there are problems with 64-bit and 32-bit complexities. Anyway, so on this page here, you scroll down to the yellow “Attached Files:” click, save. Go to save location > right click it > Extract Here. Right click, Large Address Aware.exe, click Open With >  Crossover (Run). Use bottle (make sure your right one is clicked) > Run (bottom right).

Click Mode > Advanced. Add > Files.

WoW folder, Home > CTRL + H > .wine > Program Files (x86) > World of Warcraft > Create a Link to World of Warcraft folder by right clicking it, then cut and paste the folder to the desktop.

Now if you click Desktop > Link to World of Warcraft > then click Wow-64.exe > Open > Click checkbox (left side under path) > click With Selected tab > Force Large Address Aware. Thats it. Its now telling the 64-bit, to make sure it is 64-bit.

Fix 3: Launcher force to change Mesa to 3.3.

This fix does not worth with 7.0 so far. It stops its graphics load :). But it does yea, it circulates around the ESC > System > Advanced > Graphics API = DirectX9 < is most stable I think.

“Mesa is an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification – a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics.” Source.

So, WoW is defaulting to OpenGL which is the Windows Version, which isnt bad. Its just that when you default it to Mesa, it uses a more fluid graphics system.

Open Launcher. Hover over top left little v arrow and the blue icon, Press tab. Click Settings. On the right side, go to Game Settings. Click Additional command line arguments. Add;

MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.3COMPAT WINEDEBUG=-all wine “Wow-64.exe” -opengl

Sources: Here and Here.

Fix 4:

Click top button on Launcher (side of screen), type Winetricks, click the program. Click Select the default wine prefix, click ok, Select Run winecfg, click ok.

Wine will create its defaults for a bit, then; Click Libraries tab, type in dbghelp > Add > Edit > click, Disable [changes the way the library file runs instead of it trying to run like linux or run like windows in the launcher to stop problems it can have], ok > Apply. Then close it. Then close Winetricks.

… so… after looking through my last error message for my error 132, it claimed this “Couldn’t load DBGHELP.DLL, error: 126″… so I deleted the edited dbghelp (which returns it to default). So, even though this was recommended to do by a few gaming websites. What might have happened was that it was fixed a while ago, but I was reading old posts so I could have been circumventing the hotfix. So, just leave it as normal. Editing it seems to cause 132 error. This is the last thing I edited, so if I never get another drop out. We know this was the fix.

[If you would like to do the same with the Wow.exe, World of Warcraft Launcher.exe, BlizzardError.exe, (create a desktop folder link to the folder which is in nearly the same place as the World of Warcraft folder file), Launcher.exe,, BlizzardError.exe and SystemSurvey.exe. Just to double make sure > Click all their checkboxes and Force Large Address Aware on all of them. Like I did, just cause your pedantic, you can go so far as to do that as well. Though, it isnt necessary].

You can also load it by launcher as the 64-bit. Make sure, in Launcher > Press the top left blizzard icon, press TAB button > Settings > Game Settings > make sure the tick on the launch 32 bit is blank.

To load and run WoW, click Wow-64.exe. This loads the 64-bit program :).

To update WoW on patch day. Go to Home > CTRL + H > .wine > Program Files (x86) > and click update.

In the initial sign-in: For the dropdown menu for location in, click the icon then press TAB keyboard and it will open the menu. and WoW wont allow you to log into both at the same time.

If you open WoW through it will force you to load in 32-bit, then you will have 32-bit issues (LAA).

Not loading:

Upon loading Press the top left blizzard icon, press TAB button > Settings > Game Settings > tick on the launch 32 bit (instead of 64 bit), click Play on launcher. This will give you the #132 error but it is infrequent and if you limit your addons to bare-minimum, you should be pretty much okay to play for as long as you want unhindered. Just, if you aim on raiding, be aware that this error may be an issue for you. It takes you like 15 seconds to log back on, so its no issue if your just out doing stuff and chillaxing. In the middle of a mythic raid, it may just cause a wipe though… -.-.

If you have two screens and your having mouse issues:

Here. System > Monitor (make 1 or 2), Display Mode (Windowed Fullscreen).


Go to Home, click CTRL+H, click .wine, drive_c, Program Files (x86), World of Warcraft, WTF,, change, SET gxApi “D3D11” to SET gxApi “D3D9”. This is the same as doing it after opening World of Warcraft, clicking System, Advanced, and setting Graphics API to DirectX9.

Program: Curse Client


Alternative: lcurse and wowmatrix

Curse Client Lcurse Linux Alternative


1. Download

CNTL + T [Open terminal],

Pressing enter after each sentence, put in,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install lcurse

2. Use:

Type lcurse into your Launcher [top left button on screen].

Click Update Catalogue. [Each time you do this it will get quicker. Its just adding “new updates” from Curse].

[it will auto-find your wow folder in .wine so your sweet :). But if you have moved your WoW folder, in the toolbar just click General > Preferences and change it :)].

3. Done

To add an addon, click Add Addon.

Type in a name of an addon that you want and then click Ok.

Add as many as you would like.

Then click, Update all Addons.

If its not on the list; go to any website that hosts addons, such as curse or wowinterface.

Direct yourself to a download page for the addon you want, example, And put the link into the Add Addon popup, then click ok.

Each patch just open up lcurse and click, Update Catalogue, then Update All Addons.

4. Extra:

Don’t change any of the addons names. It glitches it out :).


1. Download

Download here. Click Linux 64-bit.

2. Use:

Click get more addons tab.

Now, the issue with wowmatrix. Is that the gui is very nice, but it doesnt have ALL the curse addons. Also… err… this… here.

But if Lcurse doesnt fit your fancy, wowmatrix can be an option yea.

3. Done

Third option

You can download the non-gui command line version, jcurse, here.


Curse Client Alternatives

Curse Client Alternative

Program: Discord

1. Download

Download straight from Discord website.

Prior: Canary trial.

2. Use.

3. Done.

Program: Yandex

1. Download

# echo "deb stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yandex.list # apt-get update # apt-get install yandex-disk

Source: Yandex Linux Install

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slytomcat/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Source: Yd-tools

Open Synaptic Package Manager (download from Ubuntu Software Center).

Type in Yd-tools. Click on box, then click Apply at the top.

2. Use

Type yandex into Launcher.

Click Yandex on the toolbar icon to open folder to upload to Disk.

3. Done

Program: WoWModelViewer

Works fine.

1. Download

Download, here.

I used the top one.

2. Use

Click on it, install.

Works fine under Wine 1.9.

If its not working, download, here. Just leave it in its folder as it runs fine without install from its GUI.

3. Done

WowModelViewer Forum


Adobe Air [Warcraft Logs]

1. Download

Download Crossover [Wine].

Download Warcraftlogs.

2. Use

Open Crossover, bottom middle says Install Windows Software, Click.

Type in Adobe Air [it will install the newest Windows version]. Click through then Install.

You can now see on the left there is a “bottle” called Adobe Air, this “bottle” is a mini C:/ for the program.

Click again “install windows program” down the bottom. Type in “Warcraft Logs”. It will say “unlisted Warcraft Logs” click this. Then click continue.

You will see it directs you to find your .exe. Find its download. Then up the top “select bottle”, in this option click Adobe_Air. Then continue and install.

This is just telling it to install it in the same new C:/ that adobe air was installed on. This will allow Logs to find Air :).

Upon completing this you should be able to open Warcraft Logs from the Crossover menu totally fine :).

If you dont want to bother opening crossover, the actual exe to boot it from is found in home > .cxoffice > Adobe_AIR > drive_c > Program Files > Warcraft Logs Uploader :).

3. Done

Alternative: Program: World of Logs

Uses browser and Java.


Record your combat log on WoW by typing /combatlog into the chat to start WoW recording, then /combatlog after the fight to stop recording.

Go to your WoW folder > Logs > WoWcombatlog.txt < copy/cut this file to desktop.

1. Download

Go to > log in with or register a new account.

Click Client on the top bar.

Click Launch Client button > it opens with Oracle Java, so thats epic.

2. Use

Click Open a file.

Click Desktop, click on your file.

Highlight from left to right what you want to upload.

If you need to: Drag the right edge of the program outward, click Upload.

It will open a Browser page as to where your log file is stored on the website :).

If you click Damage Done, and then click your characters name, it gives an indepth analysis of what-did-what :).

3. Done.

The browser link is shareable to anyone :).

Also is stored on the website for guild recruitment voyeurism :). Also, to see your rankings :).

Alternative: Ask Mr Robot

Still getting grey box -.-… so No.

Two ways:

Way 1:

1. Download & Use

Firefox: Download Firefox in Wine. Download a Language/Windows (32/64) version. Right click downloaded file, open with Wine Windows Program Loader. Install [this installs firefox, not on normal linux but onto the windows emulator].

Then open Firefox [located, Home > CTRL + H > .wine > drive_c > Program Files (x86) > Mozilla Firefox > firefox.exe, right click, open with Wine Windows Program Loader.

User Agent Switcher: Download emulator for browser that makes it appear like your browser is running another OS.

Install it. Restart browser.

Import Browser Emulator List for Agent Switcher > click Download via Save As File Dialogue.

Install it. Restart browser.

Toolbar… > [so if you can’t see the toolbar/Menu, hovering the mouse over where the Menu should be, F10 > V > T > M > C > Bottom Right Corner = Title Bar].

Toolbar > Tools > Default User Agent > User Agent Switcher > Options > [the link at the bottom is what you just imported] > Import > find the .xml file in your Downloads/Desktop/saved file location.

Toolbar > Tools > Default User Agent > Browsers – Windows > Edge [Microsoft Edge 12.0 or 12.1, whichever]. [If its blacked out because of the connection with wine, click on Browsers – Windows > Edge 12.0 and 12.1 are in line with where the Browsers > Linux/ and, Browsers > Unix are.

Silverlight: Download on Firefox [opened through wine]. Open the downloaded microsoft .exe program, install. Unclick all the boxes in the Install [it will tell you at the end that its not going to auto-update because you have unticked it].

3. Done

Go to AskMrRobot > Login > World of Warcraft dropdown > Combat Logs > Upload Logs > Install.

Way 2:

Ask Mr Robot uses Microsoft Silverlight = there is ‘a linux easy-to-use workaround’ because its the platform Netflix uses :). The emulator is called Pipelight.

1. Download

Open Terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pipelight-multi

sudo pipelight-plugin –enable silverlight

sudo pipelight-plugin –create-mozilla-plugins

2. Use

Check It.


pipelight-plugin –system-check


OpenGL test fails

Fonts test fails

Libraries: Failure

Check for the word missing above Libraries: Failure.

Make sure the one that failed is not these ones > here.

XATTR test fails


Article How-To for Multiple Linux Platforms > Here.

3. Done.

Program: Itunes

Currently running from a Windows 10 setup in Virtual Box.

Fuck that shit… I’ll try again later…


1: Download

Ubuntu Software Centre/Website: Download PlayOnLinux (it makes wine (which is like a windows emulator), be able to be used like a program).

Filehorse/Filehippo: Download Itunes 10 32-bit (itunes auto-downloads as 64 bit -.-).

2. Use

Open PlayOnLinux, let it find its database. Type in Itunes, click on Itunes 10 (New versions Filehippo/Filehorse if you can get the newer itunes versions to work).

Go through PlayOnLinux ‘Next’s, as it installs.

3. It fucks up and you get mad.

Fucking hate itunes but this fucking old dvd files are only available on itunes. Unless I pay the money to get it shipped. I’m not really one for hard copy stuff though… sigh.

Alternative: Banshee & Clamz

Most people seem to be using Amazon instead of Itunes on Linux cause Banshee + Clamz (music listening programs) work with Amazon…

Program: MakeHuman & Blender

MakeHuman Blender WoWModelViewer WoW Model Viewer Make Human 3D Background Move Walk Animate Body

Make Human is a program that creates 3D Humans.

Blender is a 3D video design software that you can create textures in.

[is compatible with WowModelViewer].

1. Download

MakeHuman: Click “Download MakeHuman” from the first image link, then “Download Blender Tools” from the bottom of the page :).

MHX2: Download MHX2 Addon, newest [this allows MakeHuman to be import into Blender]

Blender: Download Blender for Linux down the page. Right click, open with Software Centre, make sure you click on the extra folder boxes at the bottom of the Software Centre Blender page or it may not work. The reason why you download the package from the website first, to ‘update’ the Software Centre one, is because the software centre won’t update the old version ’cause their being mean -.-, rofl.

2. Use:

Make Human:

MakeHuman will create itself in two places. In /Home, for you to save your models. And the backend in /usr.

To make it easy to edit your MakeHuman models;

Open Computer > usr > share > makehuman, and right click the Program MakeHuman [its the only logo without a grey lock on it], then select Copy To > Home > makehuman > V1.

Later on, after you have saved a file on MakeHuman, it will save as a [your-saved-name].mhm file :).

To open the file you have saved, you just drag the .mhm script file into the program and it will open the saved file in MakeHuman :).


Go to your Downloads [or saved location] > mhx2_stable_0[27, or whatever number].zip, open it, click extract. You will have two folders now.

Folder 1: Move the folder, 9_export_mhx2, to the Blender addons folder.

Found at Home [press CTRL + H] > .config > blender > 2.74 [or whatever version] > scripts > addons.

Right click mhx2_stable_0[27, or whatever number], compress, pick .zip, then create.

Folder 2: Move the folder, import_runtime_mhx2, to the MakeHuman plugins directory.

Found at Computer > usr > share > makehuman > plugins.

To save a file in MakeHuman for Blender > File > Export > MakeHuman Exchange mhx2 > [Type in a name] > click Export. It will save to the V1 folder :).


Open Blender. Click on the toolbar > File > User Preferences > Addons > Install From File [down the bottom] > type .config into the bar > click Blender > 2.74 [or whatever version] > scripts > addons > mhx2_stable_0[27, or whatever number].zip > Install From File [top right] > Click Save User Settings [bottom left].

Type ‘make’ into the top left search bar > .mhx2 will come up > tick on the right box > Click Save User Settings [bottom left].

Then click File [top toolbar] > [bottom left] tick the box that says Auto Run Python Scripts > Click Save User Settings [bottom left] > close the window :).

To open the file you have saved, File > Import > MakeHuman .mhx2 > direct to /makehuman/V1 > double click on file.

[remember to click then press Del on your keyboard to delete the base-box too :)].

3. Done

For extra hair and clothing > Download > click Zip [top right] > Open downloaded file > Extract.

Open communityassets-master folder > data > Right click Clothes > Move To > makehuman/V1/data/clothes. Then right click Hair > Move To > makehuman/V1/data/hair.

For more info on how to do specific things in blender > BlenderGuru, is a god.

Other good videos:

Converting 2D Image to 3D Object (another)

Advanced Lighting as Sunlight

WoWModelViewer (another) (another) (another)


MHX2 Documentation

MakeHuman Plugins Folder Location

Clicking on ‘other folder/s’ on Blender Install

How to Open .mhm Files

Program: Psensor

Psensor Linux Computer Temperature CPU GPU

This program checks if your computer is overheating when you game.

1. Download

Type Psensor into Ubtunu Software Center, download.

2. Tweak

Click in top bar of your screen, scroll down to Sensor Preferences, Application Indicator top right, click or untick the box Display Sensor in the Menu/Label. This changes what shows up on the top bar of your comp.

*disclaimer: my fans don’t read on that image because i have them on a splitter, and it can only read 2/5  because of the splitting method of plug-in :P. My bad, not its ;), my brothers computer does the same and he uses windows and alternative programs. Its just the hardware not the software :).

Depending on your type of CPU, you download one of these programs to tweak CPU performance :).

AMD Catalyst Control Center: Install guide > here.

NVIDIA XServer Settings: Ubuntu Software Centre

If you install the wrong one:

AMD Catalyst Control Center:

CTRL + ALT + T = Open Terminal > type in each sentence and press enter after each.

sudo apt-get remove –purge xorg-driver-fglrx fglrx*

sudo apt-get install –reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri fglrx-modaliases

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorgsudo

apt-get install –reinstall xserver-xorg-core

NVIDIA XServer Settings:

Ubuntu Software Centre, remove.


Uninstall AMD Catalyst

Program: Virtual Box

Virtual Box works as a mini computer within your computer. It partitions your disc space, to make a mini computer in your own.

1. Download:

Virtual Box: Download Virtual Box then open up the program in Software Centre.

Windows Operating System: Free, but still gross. Download an .iso to boot Virtual Box on.

To figure out whether your using a 64 or 32 bit computer, open Launcher [top left button], type in Details > it will say it on the page :).

2. Use:

To open Virtual box > CTRL + T > type in VirtualBox, press enter.

How to Install Windows 7 in VirtualBox within Ubuntu 12.04

Run Windows in VirtualBox on Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10

How to install a iso file on Virtualbox

3. Done

Heroes of the Storm

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Discussion 1

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