EnticeLive Review – is the Agency worth it?

First Review: Overall comparison to ImLive

1. They offer nothing more than what ImLive does.

2. They offer less; as a US citizen you may get direct pay, but for anyone outside of the US you are paying a $25 fee for their only withdrawal method. They only offer 1. Whereas ImLive itself has about 7 different payout methods (including Paxam which is what I traditionally use).

3. Their support, whilst kind, is inept. I asked Tracy (i believe is the only staff member of the platform), two simple questions. Both times I was directed to actual ImLive support. She did not know the answers and I queried as to what was the point in having them specifically for extra support if they weren’t able to have direct relations with ImLive themselves to find the answer.

4. If you decide to leave them, you are not allowed to switch immediately to a direct ImLive host. You are technically not emplyed by ImLive and just use the platform, so you must resign up with a new account if you want to stay on the platform. Making you lose all your payment history, guest history and admirers.

5. I put something on my page that ImLive didn’t like (I linked to my personal website, which some platforms do allow, some don’t, was my error obviously). Anyway, so instead of being a professional and emailing me sometime during the day to ask me to change it. I was disconnected multiple times from the service with no warning, and was sent an email dictating me to do it from EnticeLive. To be clear here, that html to my website was on my ImLive page for about a week prior to this. I was never contacted, I had been online multiple times and no correspondence given that this was a problem. It was at least afternoon in America (9pm for Europe) and the email correspondence I had sent her, would have been there since she got to work at 9am hours prior. Incredibly poor service to harass me and disconnect my service within 20 minutes of me being online when my guests were just realising I was online.

It is not a problem. It is just incredibly unprofessional from EnticeLive’s end to not sort out it out properly.

I would only recommend this if you are dissatisfied with ImLive’s payment methods. The support isn’t worth it. Especially as its only 1 person, whom you may not get along with personally. And disconnects you from security of ImLive itself. Ie, you sign an entirely different contract.

Second Review: Payout and Issues

Bank Wires: $250 is the minimum payout for International Camgirls. Pretty steep for getting into camming. Especially as they take $25 out of that, they really shouldn’t care what the minimum is. Again, $50-$100 is the industry average, everything just seems totally unreasonable.

To follow through: If there is any problems (which of course as human beings, we know problems can arise), they do not fix the issue and send it merely the next day. They take another entire week to resend your payment (they have no manual payments – unlikely they actually have a payroll department. I’d imagine it just gets automated by a computer payroll program – as they can’t manually send payments on override).

So when you sign up, they don’t check your details, so if there is any issue they wont realise till payday and delay the payments. If the payment fails to send (they email you saying there has been an issue) yet your login on their website will claim you have been “paid”. You may be waiting days to weeks to have them to tell you whats going on. It just feels incredibly sketchy.

The prior example happened to me. They emailed me saying that my payment didnt go through on the 19/09/2019. It is now the 26/08/2019 and I have sent multiple emails asking what is going on and have not received any emails in reply. No pay, no email correspondence, nothing. Tracy is just entirely unprofessional. I have contacted ImLive and threatened a legal dispute over it just because it’s just silly. I have worked for other cam companies prior to this, never had an issue with payment.

It took about four weeks to finally get paid by the company.

My payment was due on the 16th of August (ImLive sent it Friday, so payment gets sent weekly on a Monday by EnticeLive):

The pay entered my bank on the 30th of August:

That is weeks they took to send a “next day” payment. When the pay didn’t arrive on the 19th/20th, my page went from this amount on the main page:

To this:

Even though I hadn’t received payment yet. They stopped all communication for 10 days and the page said I was owed nothing. This is incredibly rude and of course, it is assumed they have “run off” with your finances. It is incredibly frightening and annoying.

Third Review: Company Details

So, These are the company details on EnticeLive.

If you go to https://www.enticelive.com/ and click Learn More, you can scroll to the bottom of the page where it will cite their actual company name “Nothing Ventures”, based out of Nevada, USA.

Nothing Ventures, also known as Entice Cash. https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/henderson/profile/adult-entertainment/nothing-ventures-inc-1086-75996 and they are an affiliate website.

Some business websites say this company has had its licence to practice in Nevada revoked;


Whilst others state that it has only eight staff:


“The company NOTHING VENTURES INC. is managed by 8 persons in total.”

From what I can find, it only actualy has two staff members:



Tracy and Rob whom I would imagine are a married couple.

As you can see on Tracy’s page, the corporate is listed as “inactive”.