If I get that right, you are an Ozzie living in Germany. What’s the story behind this?

Why move at all:

I always wanted to travel. As a student I used to move houses all the time. In a way, so I could be traveling whilst not rich enough to travel very far :P.

I have a somewhat close knit family (one side of it), and so I tried to stay as long as I could till I felt at least my mum could handle me being really far away. We talk through video and text probably more than I ever did in Australia, so shes handling it well. I think to be fair, she was super happy I chose a more western country. Cause top countries were also places in India and the Middle East :P. Which I love for different reasons. She intends to travel and visit me, so I guess for her luxury Australian sensitivities, the idea of running around in a countries which she believed to be very different to Australia irked her a little ;).

Last year (2018) I moved from Australia to China for 6-12 months to teach english. So that was my first real ‘move’ out of the country.

I traveled to Britain twice, once in 2017 and 2018, and these were the first times I actually left the country. It was for a large community gaming convention.

I don’t dislike Australia, but I always just liked the idea of moving. My father is heavily patriotic about Australia being “the best country in the world”, example such as in the global financial crisis Australia barely even took a hit because the country is so stable financially. Whereas I am one of those people who believe every country is good and bad :P.

I chose to move because I wanted to just be “elsewhere”, and Germany ended up as what I chose :).

Why I chose germany:

First reason really was because I had a good mate who lived here that I thought could handle living with me, lol. Can’t say that about too many people ;), and its worked out well. Got a nice two bedroom apartment in one of the warmer states in West Germany. So climate at least is somewhat similar to Sydney. Of course gets colder in winter than Sydney does, but, also gets really warm in summer which I like (gets warmer than other states).

I studied germany for a year in school. Whilst I wouldn’t say I remember most of it, there was a sense of familiarity in the country. A lot of English words are based on german words, kindergarten, hamburger, neanderthal, poltergeist, etc. Lists of English words by country or language of origin. So in re-learning german, its pretty close in a lot of cases. Even little things like water = wasser, man = mann, happen quite a lot of the time. Most words sound “similar” a lot of the time or they make sense in ways English sometimes does not ;).

Second reason, was because of this article: How to legally stay in Europe for more than 90 days.

I’m a “stayer” kind of person in a lot of cases. I love sticking with something that has proved to me that its worth my time. Say with making porn it’s the same. I don’t just start something and expect to walk from it in a week… I expect to at least try it hardcore for a year and see how it goes. Then recalculate. But if something fails my expectations, example of Chaturbate, I will immediately look for something I perceive as more stable (example of same product, from other sources). I try to work out if something is worth my time very quickly, to absolve myself of too much lost time.

So when I thought of moving overseas, I thought, “where can i get citizenship with who I am currently”. Germany is one of these places where I was able to tick some boxes to stay long term. In nearly every country in the world, “getting married” is something commonly cited for easy citizenship. But, I wanted to be legit and do things of my own accord. Germany allowed that, so I respect them for it.

There were a few countries on the list that I considered, say I wouldn’t move to Sweden even though its on that list because I don’t agree with a lot of Swedens sex laws (selling yourself is okay, but buying it is illegal) and for the stuff with Julian Assange (whom i adore). I tried to avoid countries or states where flouride is forced into the water supply (only two countries), GMOs are illegal (most of Europe has banned them), marijuana must be ‘on the way’ towards legalisation (some countries are quicker and slower with this, medical vs recreational), sex laws must appear more modern and less like they were made before pompeii (prostitutes paid taxes in pompeii). I had lots of little things that made some countries look more promising in terms of alignment with my own belief system :P. Everyone is different, so when moving countries, you look at places which make you feel at home… I like the progressive, technological-quality image that Germany has I guess.

Germany is just the country, from all the options above, just worked out to be better for me personally.

Even little things like the German flag, is similar to the Australian Aboriginal flag (which I am one of the people pro for Australia adopting as its national one).

I hope you enjoyed the wall of text :3. Thank you for asking Bartgeist :D.

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