Hello… /salute,

So. Guess we begin eh. … umm… So, this will be filled with a mix of movies, articles, peer-reviewed articles, videos, podcasts, etc etc etc. What I am going to say to start with, is that, it would be much more advantageous to read each bit by bit. Ie, if it says “watch the movie”, do it, THEN read on. If you can’t watch it instantly, don’t rush ahead cause your mind will struggle… a lot. As I will quote it, and bring contextualisation and more depth to the content prior voyeured. Just leave it for a week if you need to and come back when you are ready.

Things here are likely to cause some emotional upheaval, usually… rage… sometimes feelings of sadness, guilt, apathy, etc.

Most of it takes A LONG TIME to absorb. This is categorised to make so many years of my research, streamlined and directly accessible for short term speeding through… but you must understand it is A LOT of data… Take it slowly… if something makes you think a fuckton, absorb it properly with taking as much time as you need to ponder it, (a year, a day, 20 seconds, whatever the fuck you require). Some things I’ve learnt in my life, I took out four years to ponder on and off, before I could return to the subject. You must allow this to be the case for you also. Put yourself first, as is your requirement as a human. But do try and return, because you have a right to also receive the knowledge to advance yourself. Though, it is always your choice. Try not to let me bully you dears ;), cause I will get very very aggressive in some parts of this writing. Due to some of these topics being extremely touchy the more that you know about them. Nobody likes being told they are stupid, and a lot of these things, make you feel stupid or lied to… because sometimes… we either avoid it ourselves, or the information is remade to best suit someone else’s purpose for us. Rather than for the betterment of individualised life.

I hope you enjoy, and also hate, in ways that benefit you :). Good luck :D.

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