Exorphins derived from cow’s milk casein elicit pseudo-allergic wheal-and-flare reactions in healthy children

Siren Watcher Exorphins derived from cow's milk casein elicit pseudo-allergic wheal-and-flare reactions in healthy children

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"Intracutaneous skin tests were performed with-ß-casomorphin-7, alpha-casein (90-95) and cow's milk extract in 25 children without any clinical indication of cow's milk allergy or intolerance. Immediate wheal reactions were measured and compared with skin reactions to histamine and codeine. Tests were repeated after pretreatment with 10mg cetirizine, a H1-antagonist . The opioid peptides induced wheat-and-flare reactions in all children. Beta-Casomorphin-7 and alpha-casein (90-95) caused pseudo-allergic immediate type reactions, apparently by direct histamine release.

In a previous study, we found that beta-caso-morphin-7 induces histamine release from peripheral blood leukocytes in vitro and provokes immediate wheal-and-flare skin reactions in healthy adult volunteers without cow's milk allergy. The present study extends this finding to children, and shows that also alpha-casein (90-95) induces such reactions.

These findings give evidence that beta casomorphin-7 is a histamine releasing agent, whose action is via opioid receptors and probably also mechanisms not related to opioid receptors. Presumably skin reactions to alpha-casein (90-95) are also due to direct mediator release, as a biopsy taken from the skin injected with this peptide showed mast cell degranulation. This was additionally demonstrated in one adult healthy volunteer (male, 40 years old,no cow's milk allergy or intolerance)."

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Siren Watcher

Exorphins derived from cow's milk casein elicit pseudo-allergic wheal-and-flare reactions in healthy children

Siren Watcher Siren Watcher Siren Watcher Siren Watcher Siren Watcher

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