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So my tastes fall under 'Hard Rock' or 'Heavy Metal'. Nu Metal being a subgenre popular through my teenage years. This implies I like heavy beats with lyrical content.

To compare slipknot's Iowa album to later tracks like Vermilion or Snuff, or anything Corey makes under Stone Sour would be a good comparison. Most scream Death Metal music there is a stronger focus on the instruments, and the singers voice is in a higher octave of competition with the sound so I find I enjoy it less but still find the heaviness of it appealing. I guess a good example may just be to compare A Perfect Circle to Tool, and Slipknot and Stone Sour. Maynard sings for both the former bands, and Corey sings for both the latter bands. They are made up of arguably very similar people, yet the bands are totally different in content. In this regard I prefer A Perfect Circle and Stone Sour than their main, more maintream bands, due to the more lyrical focus under their side project.

A playlist like this made on Spotify would be a good example of my tastes in this genre. This is my "main listening" genre.

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Siren Watcher

Nu Metal / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Siren Watcher Siren Watcher Siren Watcher Siren Watcher Siren Watcher

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