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Someone gave me Brand's book when I was going through a rough time in my life. From what I read of the first chapter, it delved into sex addiction. Whilst I didn't read the book past this chapter, it remained in my mind as recognising Brand as someone who had some form of similarity with me.

Later on, a splattering of him popping up in my entertainment (I recently found him through his interviews with Jordan Peterson), I found I quite like his persona. I like his evolution of life, I like his eccentricities and the way his brain formulates cognitive thought. Ie, I think he's cool.

Not a lot of people I'd say that about, I'd say interesting, or intriguing, etc. Which are also compliments, and more traditionally what I am drawn towards. Acquisition of knowledge.

I genuinely would say that I actually think Brand is 'cool' in my opinion. A magician would be another word. Creating things from the Self to dazzle people, and the things he creates I find interesting. So I find him a cool person. Not common I say it but yea. I find it a good definition. Neverending source of interesting creation. Someone I would go to, to hear their opinion because I just like him as a cool person in general.

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Russell Brand

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