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I like a lot of varieties of green tea, but mostly, anything heavily Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc) is my preferred. When I went to Sushi places in Australia, I got excited when I realised they had green tea. Just because the traditional tea leaf tea is superior to the bagged stuff you generally get from the mainstream store varieties in Western countries in taste. Its more "full" tasting I find.

I tried 6 types of tea whilst I was living in China. I couldn't read the containers in the stores... so I just bought tins and tried them.

Top Maofeng [it's green tea]: When I was in Chengdu I bought Top Maofeng from a festival... it was divine.

Zhong Guo Hong Cha [it's black tea]

Moli Huacha [it's jasmine tea]: Tastes alright but I'm not a fan of Jasmine, Camomile, etc.

Longjing Cha [it's green tea]: I don't think mine is too luxurious as I bought it from a corner store, but it was indeed more expensive than the others. Also well liked in the UK.

Longyun Early Spring [it's green tea]: I just bought some Early Spring Green Tea... is identical in look to the former link but the packet says its from Longyan.

Bi Luo Chun [it's green tea]: Top Maofeng and Bi Luo Chun have been my favourites so far.

Gao Ji Lv Chao.

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