LiveJasmin Review – from an “At Home” camgirl

So, I signed up to LiveJasmin. Was accepted. Had all my information areas accepted, had backend photos accepted.

Could not get my main image accepted. was my error message. From my 1080p webcam with studio lighting.

Picture Denied

So, got out my camera, which is 4288 x 3216p. Got this answer,

Picture Denied

I just want to show you the photography I uploaded, to get a grasp of what is not “studio quality”,,, and and more of the like.

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The point here is… what is actually “professional”. There is no bluriness, there is no background clashing in that its incredibly clean, etc. So what counts as professional? This btw, is literally a picture they will be using for a small thumbnail image that people click on, probably about 400 pixels…

LiveJasmin seems to be pushing the Amateur category, but not actually making it competitive at all. Can’t even upload a picture to it O.o. Who wants to work for a company who can’t even manage to upload a picture to a category. When there are tons of other competitor websites which pay more? What kind of backend company can’t manage pictures to user accounts in all their sections? Imagine if Chaturbate (which has more traffic) tried that? Tried to say that they can no longer upload images to accounts. People would lose their shit. Just extremely poor business design. If you are going to offer the category, make it competitive, or don’t offer it. Obviously. As it just makes your brand look incredibly technically inept.

Regardless, from all I’m reading and hearing about LiveJasmin itself… I’m going to give a bit of a background about it and the technical side.

So LiveJasmin originally started out as a Hungarian only website. Still owned by György Gattyán a Hungarian billionaire (wikipedia the name) and is a part of Dolcer Holding (as to which if you ask LiveJasmin legal questions, they will send you to that parent company to answer your concerns – at least in my case They also own a lot of other websites with the exact same LiveJasmin GUI such as

Now lets get down to the real issue with LiveJasmin. Everyone wants to work there right, feels professional, seems to have a lot of traffic coming in. Well that is true and not true. This is a free website which will scan the incoming traffic to a website per day, if you see under the amount of people coming in, it also has the “average time on the website”. So far in all my checking across the industry, this is the lowest I have seen. Something like Chaturbate has an average of 10 minutes for customers on the website, stripchat 6 minutes, imlive 8 minutes, myfreecams 5 minutes, etc. Thats a massive difference. That means that random people clicking on the websites, will stay for that long at least each time. Type any url into the top search yourself to compare. That means that livejasmin has the lowest in the industry in terms of its traffic = a paying client. Most users coming to the website, stay for only 2 minutes. Enough to make that statistic the average. Doesn’t matter how many people are coming in, if you can’t get them to stay, than it’s a false statistic to = money, from the traffic.

If you continue to scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see that 50% of their traffic is coming from their advertisements. Not from search engine results or etc, just referrals. These are not “returning customers” whom would be organic clicks. These are new customers clicking on the website through ads. This is pretty brutal. Chaturbate has 70% direct clicks. That is returning customers. Thats a massive difference. Imlive is also 70% direct. If you can see the trend. LiveJasmin’s retention rate doesn’t seem high at all for returning customers.

So… from all I hear, if you are an independant girl, don’t work there. As you wont get into the top 20 girls because they are all from Studios. If you hire a professional photographer, you “may or may not” get your pictures accepted. From my point of view, walking into my local shops to hire a luxury photographer (out of my wallet which I’m not even sure will get accepted to the website), then get into lingerie in the middle of a shopping mall. Seems a little far fetched to expect someone not working from a studio to do. Whilst I’m sure they would be professional, thats really my only option. I’m sure the prices for an at home photographer are astronomical prices in comparison. I’m not going to be scowering the internet to find someone I feel is safe to bring to my house, to gain part-copyright over my images, etc. Especially when I own professional studio lighting and a decent digital camera and 1080p webcam already for camming. Which “isn’t good enough” for LiveJasmin.

TLDR: The point I’m making is, it wasn’t worth it for me.

Reading all the girls reviews in the last year, hearing the website had gone downhill. Seeing their sky high expectations and implied desire to only work with european studio girls. Just isn’t something I’m interested in being a part of.

Thats my review. Never started working for them, just did some research and dealt with the processing. Good luck.

Review made at the end of 2019


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