What are things you prefer to make videos of?

All videos can be discussed and I will of course be as flexible as possible for whatever videos I am offered.

This section is to specify some of my “best work” roles, if looking to be cast in something.

In this example, I am very good at play the masculine in this situations. I have no issue being the aggressor: initiating / convincing / forcing, femdom / facesitting, licking, (tried scissoring once, I know how to do it in practice, but I wouldn’t say I actually enjoy it from what I know), fingering, kissing, swallowing cum, clit stimulation, strapons (though I only have experience with that being done to me, it would be something I would practice before assuming that role), etc.

Sex Position View (examples)

Leapfrog: Siren.

Frog Leap: Siren.

Doggy StyleBasset HoundBulldogStairway to Heaven: Siren.

Fire Hydrant: Siren.

Turtle Sex: Siren.

Bended KneeBlooming Orchid: Siren.

Teaspooning: Siren.

Rear EntryJockeyIris GardenCross SexHelicopterX marks the spot: Siren.

Tug of Love: Siren.

Butterfly SexCriss CrossRight AngleLegs on ShoulderPraying MantisAnvilLaunch Pad: Siren.

Sandwich SexDrill SexDeckchair: Siren.

Viennese OysterSpread Legs: Siren.

Lazy Wheelbarrow: Siren.

Bouncing Spoon: Siren.

SidewaysFinal Furlong: Siren.

Deep Impact: Siren.

Exposed EagleAcrobat: Siren.

Italian Chandelier: Siren.

Piledriver: Siren.

Down Stroke (solo): Siren.

Octopus: Siren.

Betty Rocker: Siren.

LotusSofa Surprise: Siren.

Mastery: Siren.

See Saw: Siren.


I adore shower sex, any form of sex with water gets me super thrilled.

**This will get added to over time.**