What are things I aim to avoid in porn? [things I reply no to in sex]

Stretching and Fisting
Stretching out vagina, to “see inside”, or stretching with items just for the concept of stretching. I understand this is a big thing in some porn videos and it’s fine. Though not for me personally. I upkeep my vagina to keep myself tight, and my arse even moreso. I don’t like the thought of ruining my hard work just so people can see deep inside. Normal penetration causing stretching is fine, as this can be handled. Hardcore dragon dildo and fisting stretching is much harder to manage in terms of returning your vagina back to its prior tight state.

Unprofessional Sexual Acts
“Dry anal”, ie, without lubricant. Any form of hardcore anal that oversteps the normal boundary of that area. I have had much less anal over my life and would have to be done extremely tastefully for me to agree to doing it as it can be very painful for me. The first time I had anal I passed out from the pain. I had a few partners who were adept at it and understand there is some enjoyment in it. The last time it occurred I was drunk and it was slipped in, and I bled due to being so tight and the act being dry. I heard in a documentary that vagina has at least 10 erogenous zones inside, and one of these is sitting on the vaginal back wall. So when you have anal, it stimulates this erogenous zone inside the vagina due to that connected wall from the pressure. I understand it can be arousing, just for me, it also carries the risk of pain and so I’m much less keen to be doing it but it is also acceptable done right. I had a rule for a long time, “I wont have anal unless your my bf,” which stopped most people as the thought of dating me is kinda scary XD, lol. Though for porn, this is entirely different as it’s a career thing, so there are limitations as I’m not a seasoned veteran at it.

Specific Dirty Talk
In dirty talk, overdone words like, “daddy”, or “baby” I would prefer to say only rarely, and only rarely to me. As it makes me think of my actual dad (the actual damn definition of the word) or myself having a baby (much may not be what I want to think about doing with the random person I’m having sex with), and that complicates my state of arousal and is hard to focus on putting on a good show.

With regular men (not in porn):

I am someone who loves to give people what they are missing in life. If you already have a partner, then you should be smart enough to pick smart or explain to them how much you need sex. Think about it for years, try heaps of different things talking to them, find a nice medium. I am not your scapegoat for you being too unintelligent to make your relationships sexually fulfilling. I know it can be hard, if you want a good book about it: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZ4nVx7ZbIDGG5LSsM5J7yDzI03Hgm7YgFgk to improve your relationship sex life (how some people make it work and why others fail to). I struggle with wanting to a part of the growing epidemic of unsatisfied men. I prefer to have sex with a man who really needs me, whom has no-one else to have sex with. Thats my job, to give people what they “don’t have”, to be that support to keep them trying to find someone that satisfies them. Extra: this does not exclude swingers and such, I’m okay with threesomes. TLDR: No adultery or cheating with amateurs (unless you are hired by a porn corporate).

Attraction depends on a lot of things. I prefer someone who looks “average”. If your too hot, I’ll ignore you because I think its strange you’re talking to me. Think I’m way above you, I’ll ignore you. I don’t need a massive ego, thank you dear, that’s unhelpful. I like to appear like an attractive average girl that you could meet at your local grocery store. I am not afraid of more attractive people, I just also don’t notice them as much. If ur a 10/10, go find a 10/10 < is kind of how I see it. I’m a staunch believer in socioeconomic equality dating, example.

Why I’d have sex with you:

You’re a good conversationalist. You teach me things that are hard to find out by myself (the rarer the knowledge the better). You accept that I’m a human being, that I exist void of what you desire for me to be in your world. You don’t try and mesh our worlds together to make you or I look unstable, example. I want someone who wants to hang with me, fuck me, and be my mate… someone who can kick me to the curb and tell me if I’m being too arrogant. Someone who can accept me doing the same to them without having an emotional breakdown at me being dominant. Someone who is strong on their own morals. Someone who is open minded enough to learn things that the world tells you that you shouldn’t know. :shrugs:, dating is hard to explain. I’ve not seriously dated in a really long time, because I find it frightening that my sex might “leave”.