Personal Information



Born; 1988




Between 50-60kgs.

Usually about the middle.

Women’s Clothing Size

38-33-38: 38-40 Europe, 8-10 US/Canada, 10-12 UK, 42-44 Italy, 12-14 AUS, 11-13 Japan

Women’s Shoe Size

When measuring, my feet are 23cm / 9 inches, but i generally buy a shoe about 24 cm – 24.5cm (9.5 inches). I think for breathable sizes due to shoe width or tightness of shoe. My feet fit in a 5, 5.5 or 6 in Australia, depending on brand and style of shoe, though with dimensions they are a size 5.

24cm / 9.5 inches: Europe 38, 6 US/Canada, 5.5 UK, Aus/NZ 5.5, Japan 23.5, China 39, Korea 241

Ring Sizes [also]

Pinky: 5 Ring: 9 Middle: 10 Index: 9 Thumb: 10

Wrist Size

14cm [Tight]

19cm [Pull over Hand]

Necklace Sizes

33cm [Choker]

58cm [Short]

75cm [Long]


Memory Foam Pillowcase [Bamboo]

Favourite Fabrics:

Satin, Hemp and Bamboo

Other Fabrics I buy:


Skin Tone:


[ie, Yellow undertones]

Video by Girl [2]

Video by Guy

Warm & Cool Red Difference

Favourite Foods

Fruit / Candy < “natural sugar”.

Licorice, Black Sambucca, etc.

Favourite Smells

I love the smell of “heat”. Like when it becomes really hot outside, I like that smell. Like everything is blanketed by an aroma of pulsating heat.