Is Democracy Impossible?

In Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know’s inaugural podcast, Ben and Matt explored the strange career of Edward Bernays, the then-obscure Father of Public Relations responsible for selling the American public on everything from bacon as breakfast to corporate-driven wars in South and Central America. All for some greater good packaged as ‘democracy’. Today, many institutions, government and organizations remain publicly convinced that some form of democracy is the superior — or simply the least worst — way to run these large groups of peopel we call countries. However, not everyone agree. Join the guys as they delve into the story of Walter Lippmann, the Bernays-esque figure responsible for pushing the argument against democracy (and toward governance by an elite cabal) into the public sphere.

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Dunbar’s Number (Article)

Dunbar’s Number (Video)

Dunbar’s Number (Article)

This was my first time hearing this phrase. I had been looking for it, as it is something I was aware of. I thought it was something more like 12… for your social circle, for how many people you could… ‘engage with’, etc. Was very interesting for me, and I scurried off to research it, and I think I paused the podcast at the time to go look it up XD.

Ted Talks Daily

Change your story, change your life | Lori Gottlieb

A discussion on how to write your own life and how to make sure you frame and edit it yourself. Stuff I already knew, and do myself. Though these are things useful to hear sometimes, to recheck and remind yourself if your beginning to slip into a “yes-man”. Or as she puts it, to make sure your not giving the idiot agreement, to yourself.

What productive conflict can offer a workplace | Jess Kutch

Interesting talk about something I believe in. That cohabitation and community cohesion creates more productivity.