Resource Farming in Warframe

Plains of Eidolon Fishing Map and Spawn Map

Orb Vallis Fishing Map and Spawn Map

Grove Specter Rewards

Animo Nav Beacons


  • Plato (Lua) guarantees a spawn of Sentients within the first couple of minutes.
  • Orokin Derelict Assassinations (Lephantis) are one of the easiest ways to acquire Neurodes (1-2 average every run).
  • Search missions in Earth for Neuroptic Masses, the resource container for Neurodes.
  • Sentient fighters spawning on Lua.
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Kubrow (doggo) Eggs

  • Running the Capture mission on Mantle, Earth is a good way to farm Kubrow eggs.
    • Capture target / kill all the kubrow dens in the map / extract / repeat.
    • You will know if one drops because it will send up an easy to see glow or you will see it popup in the left hand side of your screen that you have acquired one.
  • Source: and Warframe How to Get a Kubrow Egg

Nano Spores


  • Jupiter (Io), 10 waves.
  • Best farming setup:
    • Hydroid using Tentacle Swarm, with Pilfering Swarm Mod.
    • Nekros using Desecrate.
    • Mag or another frame that can “pull in” enemies.
    • Excalibur or a frame with high slash damage (every dismembered corpse part can be desecrated separately).
      • Or Ivara with prowl.
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  • One Example:
    • Put stars into Ayatan Sculptures then sell them to Maroo.

Argon Crystals

  • One Example:
    • Void (Ani or Mot).


  • One example:
    • Ophelia, Neptune