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A red dot means I stayed in that area for at least a few days and experienced the location. If I go to a country for a layover of only 1 night, it is not included in the map above.


I grew up in Sydney, Australia. Specifically; North-West Sydney.

From the age of 18 and throughout my 20s (predominantly early 20s), I moved to a new house every 3-6 months. This was my way of traveling whilst being an online student. Sharehouses are incredibly popular in Australia due to the housing bubble and the fact that only 10% of Australian’s live in Apartments. So most infrastructure in Australia is 3-4 bedroom houses.

Moving house frequently isn’t hard in a sharehouse culture. I lived in some strange houses, some far out places, and even drove a van down from Mackay to Sydney over 2 weeks. I lived for a few years outside of Sydney, in Northern NSW and a few weeks in Queensland.

I am not adverse to settling down in a country and travelling for vacations. I lived in my property in germany for 2-3 years. Though I do enjoy traveling to non-tourist regions and staying for periods of time. This will likely be a part of my business one day, to be a consultant or speaker whom travels across the globe in short burst periods for events or consultations.

I knew once I left the country I would not be likely to return. I bought a ticket to Cambodia once, and to India once: though I never went. I always wanted to go overseas, but felt it wasn’t responsible to my family to do so. I gave them as long as I could, trying to slowly ease them into the idea, and then at about 28 I relocated and have been living overseas ever since.

Siren Watcher Travel India

Here is a few pictures of some of my house travels:

This was the van I lived in for a few weeks. I drove from Mackay down to the NSW border before it died. I stopped in random suburbs and stayed during the trip.

This was the tent I lived in for a while in Byron Bay. I would go into the Hostel on the grounds to use the PCs, kitchens, and hang with people.

View from my first University dorm room apartment I lived in when I moved back to Lismore in Northern NSW for University.

When I first moved to North Lismore, I used to walk around and take photographs. Due to it being so far outside of any large City it had quite lush nature.

I stayed at a hostel in Fortitude Valley in Queensland for a while. This image is from a nearby park called Centenary Place Park.

I lived on an Orchard for a litle while in Tregaeagle in northern NSW.


I lived in China teaching English for approx a year. I travelled around a little, for multiple reasons. I lived in Beijing for 2 weeks originally, thinking that my work contract would be in Chengdu. I ventured out to see some nice museums whilst there. My work contract ended up being in Guiyang, but I did a stopover in Chengdu for a few days as I had already booked temporary accommodation there thinking I would be moving there and saw the Pandas, and some museums and a nice park. Then went on to live in Guiyang, which I lived in so I didn’t end up seeing too many sights as I was working and being a hermit.


I lived in Germany for 3 years and travelled to Britain on a few occassions. Twice I went to the UK for a gaming convention, and once I went for an IQ test. On both occassions I only saw a handful of sights, but I know Manchester reasonably well now. Whilst living in West Germany I actually lived there, so I didn’t see too many sights as it was more of a daily life experience, I barely left the Ruhrpott and ventured only as far as Dortmund and Köln on a few occassions.

South America

I am currently living in Brazil for approximately six months. Have a nice apartment to myself in a nice area, just chilling and living daily life.

Brazil and Mexico are the two countries in South America I have looked at. I decided to go to Brazil first in the Americas. The visas for Mexico and Brazil are also valid for six months (Brazil automatically gives an extension to six months if you ask, and Mexico allows unlimited border runs for the first year then gives you a long stay yearly visa after you have resided in the country for over a year).

North America

I am currently residing in Mexico. I travelled up to Austin in the US (spent a little time in Fort Worth and Arlington as well) whilst I was living in Mexico too. Just for a short vacation to see Texas.

Places I want to Travel to next

Obviously I want to travel everywhere, but these are my most desired ‘of right now’. Some of these places are for temporary travel, not for moving necessarily.

With America I have very select places I want to go to, Death Valley, Texas, and New Orleans. I also have a great-relative in the US to visit at some point.

I currently hold electronic visas for both America and Canada for whilst I am traveling around the Americas. These allow me to stay in each country for approximately six months per year, as they are multiple entry visas.

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