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E3 2019 Warframe Video Interviews

PC Show / On Stage Trailer Gameslice Interview Gamespot Interview Giant Bomb Interview Shacknews Interview

Advanced Guide Videos

Damage and Stats Speed Running Companions Auction House Focus Schools End Game Eidolons Arcanes Lore Weapon Comparison

Beginner Guide Videos

Written starter guide: Starting questions you may have in the opening sequence: Pause it, whilst you are doing each part, to stop yourself from spoilers. Is great to use WHILST you have just downloaded the game and are running the sequence. Don’t feel pigeon holed, he is just giving examples and you can do whatever…
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Videos about the Game

Awesome animation about your progression through the game (ie, what you look like playing): Why you should play it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztbRJm19BUo About the game, what kind of ethics the company has, how it “works”, what style of game it is, etc: Class List (how strong each class is currently, a tiny bit about each frame, a…
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Resource Farming in Warframe

Plains of Eidolon Fishing Map and Spawn Map Orb Vallis Fishing Map and Spawn Map Grove Specter Rewards Animo Nav Beacons Animo Nav Beacons guide. Neurodes Plato (Lua) guarantees a spawn of Sentients within the first couple of minutes. Orokin Derelict Assassinations (Lephantis) are one of the easiest ways to acquire Neurodes (1-2 average every…
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Consisting of videos about the game (beginner and advanced), resource farming, useful links, fan songs, syndicates, kubrow and smeeta guides. How to get Endo, Which Kubrow to choose, what content is best for what frame, how to do more damage against each type of enemy, and cheat sheet image for damage types and factions, weapon builds and warframe builds.