Useful Links

Warframe Wiki

Fuckton of shit about the game.


Great for providing feedback to the developers and asking other people for help (or reading others helping each other that solves ur issue, lol).


This is a resource where you can track all the shit you have acquired in the game. Save the url, it is unique, so you don’t have to sign in. It just saves your progress in the html.

Warframe Builder

Put together some thoughts about your Warframes and Weapons.

Clock of Eidolon

When it will be night time in the Plains of Eidolon.

Warframe Market

Auction House. Trading with players in game, this is a resource where you can list what you want to trade.

Other Resources

Warframe’s main list of resources.

Youtubers / Streamers:


iFlynn is a Warframe Partner on Twitch and has an extensive beginner guides on Youtube. Great place to go for beginner information.