Word to the Wise

Word to the Wise: Don’t read this if you have no sense of self.

So, everyone in the world has negative ‘triggers’.

These things make me a little angry, but mostly I just use these things as indicators to see a difference in personas.

Ie, if you say one of these things to me I lower you in ranking in my group environment.

This is not inept to your character, ie, I still think your a cool person. Just that I don’t see you as being “my kind” of person and slowly move away from associating with you.

If you explain your opinions well. Have plausible scenarios for why your beliefs are different to mine, then as such, I will most likely not lower your social status in my environment. This is not a do or die scenario. I will not chop your head off for being different. Though, I have found very few occurrences to include people who exclude themselves from me.

There has been quite a few over my entire lifetime though, such as behavioral childhood patterns, whcih are a strong indicator of things I accept in the short term. Such as someone not breaking out of their programmed worldview on an issue and never developing a further insight onto a specific subject. People are different in terms of what they care about. Ie, something that I research may not be something you have ever even touched upon in your life and just believe the “programmed behavioural patterns” of your culture. Never moving beyond them. Same goes for vice-versa. So I offer new data to provide new information, prior to excluding someone. We all have patterns we have not researched or delved into because we are bound by time, obviously.

If you take in the new information well, and don’t just regurgitate something like you did with your past idea. Then you express that you have the capacity to develop understandings void of external influence. Like, if i died, your beautiful understanding would not die with me. Hehe. I appreciate people who can hold their own in an intellectual discussion on a wide variety of topics. As I appreciate learning :).

If someone can’t prove they can learn, then I am going to ignore them because they have nothing to teach me except for stuff that other people have told them to believe :). I would just go to the source then… obviously, because the person who told you knows it better :P.

I expect you to develop your own in-depth ideas… If you are to exist in my reality, because I do.

I want to be around people, who accept me for who I am. Who can give me, what I can give them :).

… In a grossly high percentage of scenarios, people say things on a whim with no explanation and intellectual development on their opinions. This is what gets people removed from me. The inability to express why. Lack of expressiveness associates lack of epistemological development. Ie, I think your dumb because you don’t know why you think something, well enough to explain it.

If you say something that makes me mad, sometimes I will just pretend I didn’t hear it and just work towards weeding you out of my garden.

I am the kind of person to not readily forget emotions.

If you put a feeling of distaste in my mouth… In 3 years I may not remember what you did specifically in the past, when I bump into you on the street. Though I will definitely remember that off-taste of gut feeling warning me away from you.

Lest, if you say something, explain yourself. Be aware of yourself in the present, and know yourself.

Work out yourself whether you are the right person to be in my environment. Or if I just “wet your appetite”. I won’t just “have sex with you” because your present. I decide that instantly pretty much. I then, check to see if you’re an idiot. Agreeing with me = idiot. Disagreeing = idiot. Having an in-depth opinion, and providing examples or sources for reasoning = smart as fuck.

Realise that your time with me is extremely short lived. I generally don’t associate with people for very a very long time unless they have a lot of data for me. I get to know people very quickly, every little thing about them. I absorb all of their data. Its not a choice. Its who I was born as. I’ve never had problems obtaining friends. I am outgoing, loud and I talk a lot, and I’m interested in what people know. Forever interested in the mass conglomerate of sociological intermingling.

Though, as I have aged, I have become very, very aware of what I need. The only thing that has really made me keep people, is their ability to either actually understand what I’m saying and give me an opinion I couldn’t have thought of myself. Which is actually incredibly hard to do because I sit and think about topics for years and years, developing understanding. I collect so much data, I just “know” things. I relay that data, and base understandings on that. Like, if I take in 5 different opinions about a topic from people, I take in all the similarities and differences. I see the “topic”, I see the variables of whys, hows and whos. And then, I record it. Thats it. If someone needs that data later, I just “give it”. In regards to its use for me, I just “do” based on the result. Like if 10 people have an opinion, or 100,000, that doesnt matter. What matters is the result of the findings. I do this… on everything. On, buying a pair of shoes, on sex, on gossip, on fire, on dogs… it doesnt matter. If you don’t do that, thats fine. The world has variables! :). I do though :P, and so, I find it useful for people to know that prior to bothering to try and mate with me.

That your opinion actually matters to me. Enjoy that.

Okay, so these are a few triggers which piss me off/make me think you’re an idiot. Enjoy!:

Paraphrase: “You’re attractive” [without any explanation into detail orientation].

Words to the wise for people who say similar things to women:

Women are meant to embody love from birth. Saying a woman is attractive is like saying “I put shoes on today” < do you want me to give you a fucking cookie for it? I have to be stupid to not already know I’m a female…. sigh…

You are meant to already think this. If you don’t think a woman embodies your kind of beauty, thats cool bro. But she embodies someones. Saying a woman is “just” attractive, is like saying that she “might not be” attractive to someone… Its just shallow yeah… its nice. Don’t get me wrong. But telling a man he is “masculine” < is the same kind of stupid thing to say. Saying “you are a man, dude” is like saying “your attractive, lady” to a girl :). Its not offensive, but, its not like “omg, I’m going to pay attention to you now” worth.

Women are made to resist these things from men, so that they can protect their children by choosing an admirable mate. Don’t just run around acting like your “a bad catch” by not actually being able to choose :). Work out why you like a girl… take your time, yo. Pick a feature thats unique. Everyone has 1000s of features! The more unique you get, the less time you have to bother wasting on people you actually don’t like. I’m an absolute cunt. I’m super kind, but I am an absolute cunt. If you don’t have the ability to take abuse from an angry woman and lose your masculine standing. Then… exactly, work this shit out before you talk to a lady, work out what you are and what you like :). Some men like aggressive women. Some don’t. Some women like short guys. Some men like hairy guys ;). Fuck there is soooo much variety!!! Just liking someone because their attractive just sets you up for trouble :). You’ve gotta like looking at someone but you also have to actually be able to talk to them and have a stable romance yea :P.

If she stabs you, you’re gunna regret fucking her just cause shes pretty, tehehehehe.

It also implies that you are inept to find a specification that you like. Even saying “I like your breasts” is better than saying “your pretty”. Its still very obvious. As finding a man who doesn’t like breasts at all would be a dubious study. Saying, you liked the way a ladies eyes bridge towards their nose or something, etc. Say something to accentuate that you have actually looked. Rather than just going, a “girl” mentality, and trying to sew your seed. Its not wrong to do that… its just, it lowers the whole standard of humanity if you expect women to say yes to your inability to “love” them. Ie, you love a feature and you have learnt how to say it. If you expect women to say yes, to you not noticing them properly, then are you expecting women to then go around and fuck all your mates for saying the same thing? You need to be able to express that your worth sticking around for, to show off those biological urges for commitment :). Women stick around, if they understand that your committing to them because you think its worth it. Not just because “they’re there”.

The idea of saying that just implies to me that you have no idea why you think I’m attractive. That 100,000 other women standing side by side next to me, would make you severely unlikely to choose me as your “attractive” person. This inevitably leads my brain to assume your a moron, by default, as an automatic response. Cause thats what information you have provided, that you have no indepth specification based on your intellectual need to mate. Ie, your survivability instinct is flawed if you cant explain how to “make fire”.

Ok… let me show you a few examples of stuff to help you on your adventure ;): here, here, here, here, here. Body is an amazing thing, fuckton of variables. You know all the porn you watch? Bet you have a huge list of pornstars you like, actresses for some reason your attracted to, dudes you “appreciate” as handsome, that kinda shit, correlate the data and work out why. So you can work out what to say to a lady that you like about her, so she knows there is a reason to stay with you :). Cause you’ve started figuring yourself out :). Thats your job :), be born = learn thyself = #dead.

An example of what I think about when someone says a paraphrase of ‘you’re attractive’ > here.

All females are attractive, all men are attractive, whether that niche is of your own, is what you are trying to purvey. If you think someone is “your kind of attractive”, then you must work out what that is within characteristic to be able to explain it. Or it just will seem like common banter to most women. Saying “you’re hot” very rarely makes a girl give you attention. For the reasons above, even though she may not be able to describe that to you why it just makes her think you’re ‘nice’. She may turn around and realise YOU are hot, and thats why she bothers to give you effort, not cause your impressive in any way. Cause the dude on the other side of the room that she might prefer even more, might try that same line and she’d forget about you.

For example, I understand that I have a triangular face, therefore, I look for people with a similar face geometry. I have dark features, I like dark features. Etc. These are just examples of what you could describe. Some people love round faces that catch the sunlight or moonlight, some people like faces that seem to be two tone, or have a large variety of angles. Geometry is obviously one example. Go out and fucking stare at 100 random people, you are going to do that anyway! And work out WHY you think one person is more attractive than another. Sometimes its easier to look at your own sex. Look at your same gender, and work out what is similar between the two of you. And what is different. Being able to establish what is similar, leads you to then, see if females hold those same characteristics, and whether they are markers for that “urge” you feel towards them. This way is the easiest, because then your not as easily “taken by sexual feels” from the get-go.

Being able to say “I like how sharp your face looks” is something that people take to heart because they learn something about themselves within your expression. The more personal you become, the more ‘man’s romance’ you exhibit. Ie, you become “someone that can’t be let go because you are able to give them more of themselves. More kudos to their precise self”

Lack of consistency [without any explanation into detail orientation].

This is incredibly dualistic to explain… err…

So. I am incredibly spontaneous. I do 100 things a minute and dislike people being able to guess my moves. I like to have my mystery and rarely do I tell someone exactly what I’m doing. Or where I’m going to be. Or why.

Yet, I am incredibly one track minded.

When I start talking to someone. Or if someone presents interest to court me. If they deviate off that, ie, don’t talk to me for a week during the courtship process. I also deviate off, and allow myself to be courted by someone else. Now, for some people thats totally normal. And they take little bits of people from here, and there, and their approval processes are not linear. Like, if they bump into someone 5 years later, they can start the process back up again normally… Err…

To put it bluntly, I can be cold. I am determined, if someone deviates me off that one track motion. You’d have to be a fucking god to make me deviate back onto your pathway.

I’m ruthless in love.

I was born this way. I acknowledge some of my coldness comes from self-protection.

I know I can offer things.

Like I actually give a shit about guys.

I really like to have sex.

I’m intelligent.

Etc, etc.

People all have individualist traits which they use. Its just, the more knowledgeable I become about myself, the more I seek to protect myself from the possibility of wasted time just for a guys dubious non-thoughtfulness.

Which actually hurts me. I hate telling people no.

I’m x2 as brutal because of it, because I’m in a foul mood because I have to do two people’s compatibility work. Due to dudes not caring about themselves enough to acknowledge, “Yea shes a chick. World is fucking filled with them. Who the fuck cares. She’s alrite. She’s my mate, gg”.

I assess everyone I come in contact with, and I know through brain analysis that everyone else does too.

Its just, guys override their natural courses when they think they might get laid. Women don’t do this. So its incredibly aggravating.

Women don’t think, I’m going to procreate children with 100 men. Our bodies laugh at us if that was ever something thought. Men don’t have that stop function… they want to fuck everything. Which, for me, being a sexual deviant. Is incredibly annoying to sift through to try and find someone who actually likes me. Rather than those who just want to take up the offer because their too stupid to not get themselves hurt.

So yeah… consistency.

I like when someone “knows” that they want me. In some form of variability. Apply effort. Dont court 5 women hoping for one to work. Because I’ll know, because I can do that. If I’ve focused on you, I’m going to burn through that desire very quickly. I’ll go from looking normal, to jumping on you in a dark hallway with no word about it. If I think it might hurt some other girl you’ve been talking to, I will 100% avoid it. Cause I don’t want to ruin your chances at love LUL. Talk to girls, ffs, but I can tell whether your “taking a crack”.

You give off this “sense”. Women are receptive traditionally, whereas men are assertive. Women are taking in your vibrations, and assessing what you give off regardless of what you choose to show. Men are asserting their energy, and assessing how its received by the other person. If a woman is “open” to you or not. Women are seeing whether your “opening” yourself properly. Ie, if your trying with 5 chicks, one at work, one at your gym, a few on tinder, etc. Your opening yourself up… hmmm… to describe. Say you have a dog, and you feed it. Then someone comes in, and offers the dog a biscuit. The dog might still take the biscuit, but he will eat it differently. Less vigorously, or he will most probably bury it, to save for later :P. Or, if you look at a pie chart. If a man is having a part of him “satisfied” by another source. Then he wont offer up that part of himself to a new person… He wont necessarily realise. And its not bad! Everyone is different, some chicks like players. But, 85% of the time women grow out of that phase. When women want to actually date someone for a long-term prospect, being open and shit is legit a good idea :).

Hiding stuff is fine. But showing that your hidden is legit the best way to go about it. Like, guys like their private time, doing masculine things. Thats fine. Be open that there is shit you don’t want to share. Thats showing “opening up” about being hidden. Yea i know its fucking complicated… eh… *ponders with hand on side of chin*… realistically. I just want to express…

I’m not a fucking moron. And if a dude is so stupid that he thinks that I’m going to sit and fucking wait around, he is a fucking retard. Thats how I judge dudes who aren’t smart enough to go balls deep into things.

So summary… :/… I’m a massive player, if I’m calming down to let you take a crack at me, don’t be a dickhead about it. You are absorbing my sense of self, and I’m pumping it into you. When your around me, you will feel like your on sex acid if I’ve been coming on you… So… Don’t try and juggle me. I’m the kind of person if I like someone, I can’t sleep with anyone else because the intensity of my own feelings rips me apart. If you try and play my feelings off to other girls, I’ll jump ship because I see the ship crashing.

I have a huge sexual appetite, and I won’t risk it on someone who will just leave me out in the lurch daily. Its not an ego thing, if you read all the interest I have in others. One can imagine how much I research myself, and understand the self. A woman has a sex drive, its not some weird thing. I just you know… am not as stuck in my localised anthropology (here). *stretches after editing*… I’ll come back and re-edit later again. *cuddels*, bbl.