What are things I aim to do in porn? [things I reply yes to in sex]

Languages and Dirty Talk
Learning a few phrases in any language to say in a video. I am Australian, so if that wants to be played up, this is acceptable, as long as is not a flat out lie about the country. Dirty talk is fully acceptable. I can manage to put on a pleading puppy-dog-eyes face with sex and truly feel it. I have quite a high sex drive and I have good memory of how it feels to not have that satisfied. Especially as I edge. So I can be completely drawing-in with a, “oh please, I need you, your dick will make me feel better,” kind of dirty talk. Though not something I have done a lot in my life.

Lesbian and Bisexual acts
I am bisexual. I had my first girlfriend at 17, lived with another girl at 19, have hooked up with a large amount of girls over my life and used to have quite a few threesomes with a close female friend. Whilst much better with male genitalia than female, I do try. I absolutely adore a girl going down on me, and I think the first time I actually truly came was in a girls mouth. So this is fine.

Face Abuse
Deepthroat. Facesitting. I am comfortable with face abuse towards each gender.

Toy play
Dildo vagina masturbation / deepthroat. I have actually never done any arse play with toys, so if that’s requested I would have to look further into that. I won’t rule it out, but, I have no real experience in it.

Public Sex
“Safe” public sex / oral. Safe is hard to define in public sex. I mean if caught by police, the company will take the blame and I won’t get into trouble. I have had sex in park toilets, university bathrooms, given blowjobs in movie theatres / in rooms where my friends were sitting close by, etc. So I know some of the way to perform these things in a normal setting already.

Threesomes and Gangbangs
Threesomes and gangbangs. There is of course limits to this. I have had a good range of varied threesomes in normal sexual life, both with 1 female + 2 males (spitroast) and with 2 females + 1 male. Even been in one lesbian foursome when I was 17. Though most of my experience has been with 2 females and 1 male because I am bisexual and a lot of general men I presumed would prefer it that way. Some ended well, some ended poorly. I am good at being the organiser in a threesome and making sure nobody is left out. Gangbangs are of course, the step up hardcore, which I have never had. I can edge, so, whilst edging a gangbang is reasonable to “keep going” through a large slew of men. But, because of my lack of experience in this, I do not know my limits and would have to learn them on the job.

Professional Sex Partners
Ranges of attractiveness are fine. I have the capacity to have sex with someone whom society deems “less attractive” than the general. This is something that does not affect my arousal. I understand the fetish of seeing two people whom likely wouldn’t be having sex, doing so. So I am open to these things. Though of course, some form of limits are there. Example, not children.